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The top 5 voters of the month receive a $20 webshop voucher. Use the buttons to vote.

Skyblock Changes & Reset

We have made a lot of improvements to make your experience on Snapcraft Skyblock as good as possible!
  • A brand new spawn with the following new features
    • Anvils have been added to spawn
    • A larger information area has been added (/warp info)
    • Quick teleport NPCs have been added
    • Island warp NPC has been added to make it a more notable feature
    • A more complete enchanting area has been added to spawn
    • We have added an Enchanter NPC where you use tokens to enchant weapons, armor & tools
    • An Artifact NPC has been added where you can sell artifacts(artifacts are new rare drops)
    • A bigger and a more challenging parkour(/warp parkour)
  • A brand new PvP arena where you can't suicide
  • PvP is now by default off in the Nether
  • Level bonuses are fixed
  • Amazing new island challenges & rewards have been added
  • Using /warp will now bring up an interface showing all the warps
  • When teleporting to the PvP arena, you will now be teleported to a "safe" platform rather than inside of the arena
  • New scoreboard design to boost your fps
  • Added a way to get lava back from obsidian by right clicking your empty bucket on the obsidian
  • Increased the hopper limit to 60 per island
  • Increased the spawner limit from 10 to 20
  • Shop changes
    • Buffed sell prices for farmables
    • Lowered prices for God apples in the shop
    • Shop is now openable using /shop
    • Using /warp shop will now open the shop
    • Added back arrows to the shop
    • Added a sell all feature to all shops
  • Added a new magic cobblestone generator based on your island level
    • 500 Island score will slightly increase chance of ores
    • 1000 Island score will greatly increase the chance of ores
    • 1500 Island score will massively increase the chance of ores
  • Reworked trading feature added some useful ways to prevent scamming (/trade)
    • Added banknotes which are used to...
Vote Winners

Thanks everyone for voting this month, Here are the top voters!
The top 5 voters have received a 2000 Gems on worth $20 which can be used at yourpurchases.net

Here are the winners of the event... (Your reward will be given in the form of /gems which can be used in /rewards to obtain gift codes)

:mc1: Bunny_Rabbits 172 Votes
:mc2: antinooby 169 Votes
:mc3: dave_craft14 169 Votes
:mc4: fatdoffen1 169 Votes
:mc5: JWok 167 Votes
Store Updates

We have decided it was time to add some much-needed content to the store and make some changes to current content to make it more enjoyable. We have many more cool things planned for our store such as tags, medals, pets, emotes & much more. The following were added to the store today:
  • ZombieV Money Boosters (If you have an x2 and x5 booster active at the same time, you will earn 10x money.)
    • x2 Money Booster (1 Hour)
    • x5 Money Booster (1 Hour)
    • x2 Money Booster (12 Hour)
    • x5 Money Booster (12 Hour)
  • Spawner Pickaxes these one-time use pickaxes can be used to mine any spawner
    • Added on Survival
    • Added on Skyblock
  • Kit PvP
    • God Apples per 10 or 32
    • God Weapon set
    • God Armor set
    • Kill Crate keys per 5 or 20
Quality of Life Updates

We have made a lot of improvements to make your experience on Snapcraft as good as possible!
  • Fixed an issue where ZombieV VIPs could not join full arenas
  • Fix some small but notable lag spikes in the ZombieV lobby
  • Added disposal signs in the Survival /warp end
  • We have added a new set of messages linking new players to a guide of specific servers to help them get started - hopefully to reduce questions - and increase the player count.
  • Legendary crates no longer hold mcMMO EXP books, seeing as most people thought this reward was pointless
  • Factions kit cooldowns have been reduced massively
  • Factions teleport timer has been reduced from 5 to 2
  • Fixed teleport glitching into bases on factions; which means you can no longer teleport into water, lava, or inside of blocks.
  • Skyblock teleport timer has been completely removed
  • Fixed an issue where players were using /espawn to bypass the combatlog on kitpvp
  • Survival, Skyblock & Factions now have kit preview signs.
  • Correctly renamed the nether star on parkour to Warp Menu
  • Completely...
Easter Event Winners

The event and easter sale are now over!

Thank you for participating in the egg hunt during this easter! I hope you've all had fun looking for the eggs while the event was live.

Here are the winners of the event... (Your reward will be given in the form of /gems which can be used in /rewards to obtain gift codes)

:mc1: Nevarlex 6480 points
:mc2: Wosek 5626 points
:mc3: AshyBoo 4079 points
:mc4: an3rror 3694 points
:mc5: Smognoggler 1622 points
Easter Event

To celebrate Easter we are holding a competition. Find the hidden easter eggs spread all around the servers. Clues regarding the location of eggs will be broadcasted across all servers! This event will last from Friday, April 14th until Sunday, April 16th. You will be awarded points for each egg you find. The top 5 people with the most easter egg points will be given the following prizes:
  1. place - $150
  2. place - $125
  3. place - $100
  4. place - $75
  5. place - $50
Any commands and/or info can be found in-game using the /easter command!

Easter Sale

In celebration of Good Friday and Easter we are having a sale!
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