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Server Corruption
I regret to inform you that some of our Factions data is corrupted. We know the cause of this, and it has been resolved in order to prevent it in the future. This corruption has lead to a vast majority of players losing their Factions, claims etc. Unfortunately we cannot get any of that data back which leads me to my next announcement.

Factions Purge
On January 20th, from 8:00 p.m. GMT to 10:00 p.m. GMT we will purge the cruel world of Factions. This will be similar to the Survival Purge that happened a while back. All claims will be no longer protected, PvP will be enabled everywhere, TNT will light the server ablaze, etc. Everything is your's for the taking. It's finally time for you to get back at that rival Faction that claims they are untouchable.

Factions Reset
Shortly after the purge, Factions will be reset due to us not being able to recover the data loss. Don't worry, though, it won't be the same Factions you are used to. We plan to add many new features that I'm sure you guys will be excited for.

We will not disclose all of the new features that we plan to add to this reset however we will give you a few leaks. We will have a 1v1 duel system for all of you PvPers out there. Farming prices will rise in order to make a more balanced economy. TNT and Obsidian prices will decrease, which means more time spent raiding than farming! Bounties will also be added back.

Thank You
Once again, we do apologize for these issues. Thank you for your continued loyalty to the network and for bearing with us during these hard times. We appreciate every single one of you and your contribution to the server. Have a great day!
New KitPvP Redesign!

KitPvP has a new designed spawn area which reflects the seasonal design of the reworked arena map below.

New - Targets
A fun feature that makes a player that is “teamed” with a lot of people to become the “Target”. Be the one to kill the “Target” and you will get a reward. However, if the “Target” manages to survive the duration of their target time, the player will be awarded for surviving. The more times you survive being the “Target” the higher your reward.

Introducing Kill Crates - You have a chance of getting a key for each player killed. Keys can be used at spawn for money, armor, potions and other useful items at the Kill Crate Chest.
Vote crates have been reworked, left click on the villager to see the updated listing of armor, weapons, potions and other items that you could receive. Every vote earns you a key and money on the server.
You can also earn money from assisting on kills. No longer do you just get money from kills, just hitting someone will earn you money when that player dies.
Emerald Drops is a new feature where players may drop emeralds on death. Take those Emeralds to the villager at spawn and he will buy them for cash.

ZombieV changes

Work on ZombieV continues with a redesigned spawn area that is less cluttered and with an open feel to it.
Also returning from days long ago is the 1v1 arena. Test your armor, weapons and skill against other players. Place a wager and the winner takes all. You can Duel by stepping into the dueling area in spawn or do /duel and duel a specific player and amount.

Watch ZombieV for upcoming new features:
- Pets are being worked on
- New Maps are in design
- New Perks for Ranks are planned
- Private Arenas will be coming soon

Staff Changes

It’s been some time since the last Staff Update Thread so here it is.
Since last time, we’ve added a whole lot of new Helpers to the team, welcome and goodluck to the following:...
vote-winners (1).png

Thanks everyone for voting this month, Here are the top voters!
The top 5 voters have received a mail on Hub with a $20 voucher code which can be used at yourpurchases.net (Use /mail read in Hub to see the server mail)
This voucher can only be used once and expires in one month.

[​IMG] 1. black_mits 182 votes
[​IMG] 2. vTiki 174 votes
[​IMG] 3. fatdoffen1 170 votes
[​IMG] 4. Bunny_Rabbits 166 votes
[​IMG] 5. Frank64 166 votes
It’s time for a celebration! I hope you are all having a great Thanksgiving.

In celebration of Thanksgiving and Black Friday we are having a sale!
SAVE UP TO 65% on ranks, boosts, kits and more! Visit our Shop to view all of our fantastic packages!

The Snapcraft web shop has had some changes and now matches the rest of the website for a smooth look, you will notice the same background image, and the familiar menu look as on our regular site.

Find your friends and get other useful information with these new commands -
/find <player>, /join <player> allows you to find your friends easily and join them in game.
/list will show you all online staff members and where they are. Click the name to join the server they are on.
/whereami will display which server you currently are on.
/restart time will show you how long there is remaining until the next scheduled restart.
/ping - this displays your current ping to the server, the lower the better

Visit the amazing new Creative spawn, it is huge at 650x650 and truly beautiful. Take the time to wander around and take a look at this wonderful new area.

The creative server is 1.10 updated now and includes all the new blocks, the elytra feature and new mobs. Still holding on to 1.8 and 1.9? Don’t worry it still works for those versions.
Soar majestically above it all with the new elytra plugin, just hold shift for a boost.
Add a little something to your builds with mobs and entities. Select mobs/entities have been enabled and will function for a limited time and than despawn.
Another fun new feature that can help with your building and design is the new /head command. Over 2100 heads are available for your decorating needs. There is also a search function, /heads search <type> to find that perfect head.

New and improved creative chat features!
We are introducing a new chat format that brings tons of new features and a new private message look.

Warps have been added!
Easily set up a way for other players to get to your plot with a plot warp. This has been set up on Survival for the last months but we are introducing it on Creative. Use /pwarp to bring up the GUI and set your warp from there. Plot Warps are effective for 2 hours. Legends...