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The Purge of Survival
In celebration of the upcoming Survival reset we present the following Special Event…

In a world that had been protected and safe, Snapcraft staff has sanctioned a 2-hour period in which formally forbidden activities will become allowed on the survival server. PVP will be allowed everywhere and anywhere. Houses and bases will no longer be protected, you may not be safe anywhere. Your possessions will be up for grabs and available for anyone to take. Break down the walls, loot what you can while you still can… take part in the Purge of Survival…

Event starts on the 2nd of July.

New in Factions - Obsidian Destroyer
A lot of you have been asking for this and it’s here! Rethink your raiding skills, put those wither skulls away and fire up those cannons. No longer do you have to stare at another factions obsidian box, wondering how to get inside. Gather your TNT, redstone, and other ingredients and try out different cannon styles to punch a hole in that base.

Not only do you have to rethink your raiding, you have to rethink base building entirely to face this new challenge. Below are the values for the strongest building materials.
Obsidian - 13 hits
Enchantment Tables - 15 hits
Enderchests - 20 hits
Plan your base carefully to protect what is yours!

Factions Legendary Crates
Legendary Crate Keys are now available in Factions. Keys are available from the webshop. If you are very lucky you may get one from a rare crate or even from a mob drop. Check out the amazing rewards in the New Legendary Crates!

New Skyblock Shop!
Go on a shopping spree in the all new Skyblock shop. Decorate and add new function to your island with previously unavailable items. You can now buy and sell just about everything, and easily locate items in the newly formatted shop.

Skyblock Crates

Crates on Skyblock have been reworked and improved! Existing crates...
Zombie V has returned and it is now opened to everyone!

You can join Zombie V from the Hub menu, by clicking on the villager in Hub or by typing /zombie on any server. There are different modes to choose from, just walk through the portal of your choosing. (VIP players get access to full arenas).

Gather your friends and work as a team to beat the mobs or just join and play in arenas agains 50 waves of mobs - choose from Easy, Normal or Hard modes. Every 10 waves there is an awesome boss to beat, each more difficult than the last.

Watch your hunger though, sprinting around the map makes you hungry. So if you find yourself hungry, slow down and walk for awhile and soon it will be full again.

For each mob you beat you get money which you can buy better weapons, armor and other gear from the villager NPC’s in spawn or specialized Artifact weapons from the Blacksmith. Artifacts purchased from Blacksmith can be upgraded for more power and better protection.
(tip: if the map you are on is down to that last zombie a zombie teleport compass comes in handy to find that last one! - purchase from the Villager NPC)

Don’t worry about losing your items! Even if you die your inventory will remain.

Have you got a key from the vote party? Have you gotten a Zombie Key from beating a boss? Take it to /spawn and click on the chests to see what your prize is. Watch for Mystic Crate keys coming in the future.

/sell will be added soon! Sell your extra gear for a bit of money to buy upgraded weapons, armor or special item.

/pets is being worked on and is coming soon. Have your pet as a useful companion to fight by your side. Pets are upgradable for more health and damage.

1v1 PvP will also be returning! Gear up and fight against each other in player vs player battles and find out who really is the best!