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Trivia Night

Hey everyone!

After our successful karaoke night earlier this month, we have decided to run another event for the community. This Saturday, June 30th at 10pm GMT, @Jedz & @Legitmon will be hosting a trivia night on both our discord (https://snapcraft.net/discord) & Server (/hub1 on mc.snapcraft.net).

How does this work?

The multi-choice (A,B,C,D & True or False) questions will be read out and put into our discord event channel. In Hub1 there will be a small arena, where each corner has a different colour corresponding to an answer, you can access this area by doing /warp event in-game.

For example:

How many wooden planks to you need to build a chest?

A. 9 (Red )
B. 6 (Blue)
C. 8 (Green)
D. 7 (Yellow)

If you were to choose the answer B. you would move to the blue area and so on. If you get the answer wrong you will be eliminated, the aim is to see who is the last person standing. We will have a few rounds so there are more winners and prizes to be given out, have fun!

We hope to see you there!
Karaoke Night Feedback

Hello all!

As many of you know, we recently had an event night and we had a huge turnout! We saw roughly 80+ concurrent members on our Karaoke event channel! After this momentous achievement we are proud to say that we are considering on hosting another Karaoke event. Thank you to all of those who showed up and sang, or listened; and we hope to see you at our next event!

Here we will be conducting a little feedback thread of what you personally liked and what we could have done better. Keep in mind we are looking for constructive criticism in this thread. Any non-constructive criticism may be disregarded. Please also take a moment to vote in the poll provided on if you would want to do this event again or something similar.

Again, thanks for the turnout! Questions to help you think on what to say:
  • How did we do with song transitions?
  • Was all the content that got played appropriate?
  • Did you not get to sing (if you requested)?
shoutout to @Jedz & @Legitmon for hosting this event!
Vote Winners

Thanks everyone for voting this month, Here are the top voters!
The top 5 voters have received a 2000 Gems on worth $20 which can be used at yourpurchases.net

Here are the vote winners of this month... (Your reward will be given in the form of /gems which can be used in /rewards to obtain gift codes)

:mc1: JWok 184 Votes
:mc2: miss_creepy_90 184 Votes
:mc3: fatdoffen1 179 Votes
:mc4: GoldBlock 173 Votes
:mc5: Samoht 172 Votes
Karaoke Night

Hey everyone,

After some feedback from the staff and players, we wanted to start hosting events to bring our community together. This led to the idea of a Karaoke Night hosted on our official discord (https://snapcraft.net/discord). The event will start at approximately at 7pm GMT on the 2nd of June and be hosted by @Jedz & @Legitmon. Depending on the number of people who show and the feedback we receive, we hope to hold more later on in the year. Let’s try and make this event as fun as possible!

We also have a few rules set in place to ensure it is the best night for everyone:

  • Please keep the songs appropriate (Explicit ratings not advised)
  • Please don’t abuse your microphone/play songs that are overly loud and obnoxious
  • You must sing along
  • Above all else have fun!

Remember that staff will be at the event, so don’t break these rules!

We hope to see you all then!
Building Competition 8 & Winners

Hey everyone,

The winners of the Nature building competition have been chosen. Watch the video below to find out who won!

To enter the competition you will have to hop on the creative server and submit your plot to the competition by typing /competition submit - there will be a different building theme each month, you can see the current theme by typing /competition (or /comp) in-game.
The seventh theme will be Medieval When you have completed your build and submitted your plot using the command above, you will not be able to make any changes to your plot until the competition has ended!

The winners of the competition will receive the following rewards:
1st place $50
2nd place $40
3rd place $30
4th place $25
5th place $20
The competition will start the 15th of each month and end on the 10th. so submit your plot before the 10th of July so we can review it.

Good luck to anyone entering the competition! If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask them below.