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I'm here today to bring you very unfortunate news about the recent hard drive failures.

What happened?
Despite our attempts to recover all of the data from our databases, some of the data was corrupted to an extent that made it unrecoverable and we were not able to restore those databases. When our system dev tried recovering the databases from our backups we stumbled upon another huge issue- the way we back up the SQL data is deprecated and was ment for an older setup of our machines, this was not changed when we updated the software setup on all of our backend machines. This led to the SQL data from the backups being unusable.

How could this happen?
Hard drive failures are very rare but unfortunately do happen, our main database server had a hard drive failure causing all data on the server to be lost.
We have recently made a lot of changes to the hardware and software setup on our backend servers to provide you with the best possible experience on our servers while ensuring as little downtime as possible. Unfortunately though, because we tried to maintain as little downtime as possible we have to do these kind of migrations very slowly over a couple of weeks so that you do not notice it happening and you can still enjoy playing on our servers. Because we were in the middle of the migration some of our systems (backup scripts) were running in a way that only worked to back up the SQL on our older backend servers.

What about ZombieV?
ZombieV will be online again in the first week of January.

What data is lost?
The following data is completely gone and we can not do anything to recover it
  • kitpvp_enderchest (Enderchest contents on KitPVP)
  • levels (All global levels)
  • permissions (All saved permissions & ranks)
  • points (Skill Points)
  • prison_enderchests (Enderchest contents on Prison)
  • prison_mcmmo (mcMMO levels on Prison)
  • skyblock_enderchests...
Hello everyone,

We are having some issues with one of our drives and working on resolving the issue was quick as possible. we thank you for your understanding.
Building Competition (5) & Winners

Hey everyone,

The winners of the Anything building competition have been chosen. Watch the video below to find out who won!

To enter the competition you will have to hop on the creative server and submit your plot to the competition by typing /competition submit - there will be a different building theme each month, you can see the current theme by typing /competition (or /comp) in-game.
The fifth theme will be Pirates When you have completed your build and submitted your plot using the command above, you will not be able to make any changes to your plot until the competition has ended!

The winners of the competition will receive the following rewards:
1st place $50
2nd place $40
3rd place $30
4th place $25
5th place $20
The competition will start the 15th of each month and end on the 10th. so submit your plot before the 10th of February so we can review it.

Good luck to anyone entering the competition! If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask them below.
Vote Winners

Thanks everyone for voting this month, Here are the top voters!
The top 5 voters have received a 2000 Gems on worth $20 which can be used at yourpurchases.net

Here are the vote winners of this month... (Your reward will be given in the form of /gems which can be used in /rewards to obtain gift codes)

:mc1: chrisdundee 171 Votes
:mc2: AgentIllusion73 168 Votes
:mc3: JWok 167 Votes
:mc4: Letboes 165 Votes
:mc5: EatFish 164 Votes
Hello Snapcrafters,

We’re pleased to announce that Snapcraft will be holding a Black Friday sale this year starting in just a couple of hours. Get 70% off all purchases during this weekend! Now is the time to grab that fancy Rank on your favorite game mode(s), some crate keys or even a global XP booster to enjoy. The sale will only last for 72 hours, so don’t wait! Take advantage of it while it’s here. We also wish to extend a happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating this year.

This sale will last from 24 Nov. 12:00 AM (GMT+1) to 26 Nov. 11:59 PM (GMT+).