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New Profile Posts

  1. newyorkmillyrock
    newyorkmillyrock Joltz
    Seen joltz alot in game no bad experiences with him. considering how young he is he is hands down one of the best staff members.
  2. newyorkmillyrock
    newyorkmillyrock Ashie
    A few bad experiences with this user, but besides that very good helper and very active
    Should desverre a rank upgrade to mod.
  3. newyorkmillyrock
    newyorkmillyrock Maarten
    Maarten is ant man confirmed
    he looks like him.
    both very powerful lol hahahah
  4. newyorkmillyrock
    newyorkmillyrock WagwanMate
    n word whoops i mean hi!
    best memer
  5. newyorkmillyrock
    newyorkmillyrock Majestical
    Hands down the worst helper on the server loves removing you and your friend from a discord call cause she wants to speak with her friend in it, also abuses in game muting people with proof,
    Would defintely not say she desverres a rank upgrade, shame how many good staffs we got who are amazing at their job and people like this is helper, smh gives the server a bad name
  6. blackhole17
  7. blackhole17
    blackhole17 Maarten
    I was wondering, since I'm probably going to stop playing in the next few months, if and how you can give away a rank? I have immortal on face and a lot of people would like to have that.
    1. Maarten
      We cannot transfer ranks.
      May 22, 2019 at 3:21 PM
  8. Nightie
    Tim Isn't on, alone and crying.
  9. Nightie
    Nevermind he isn't on-
  10. Nightie
    Holy Lonely Pony Eating Macaroni!
  11. Nightie
    Tim isn't on, I'm sad.
  12. Nightie
    Being alone and crying.
  13. Au5
    Sad music gives me the feels. Why is life so emotionally challenging?
  14. Shadyish
  15. gnipper3000
    Trying to get unbanned xD
  16. WagwanMate
    WagwanMate Squidz
    uh oh
    1. Squidz
      no u
      May 20, 2019 at 8:40 PM
  17. Ashie
  18. DuFrain
  19. WagwanMate
  20. Sebastian Dahl
    Sebastian Dahl Maarten
    Hey Maarten
    now ive already made a support ticket but i want to get back on the server fast so i just wanted to write to you personally also.
    my ingame name is YTGrumpyDog and i resently got banned for nothing. if you would look my support ticket trough i would be gracefull.

    have a good day and thanks

    1. KalebGDawg12
      dude be patient if its your first time being banned you will most likely be unbanned
      May 19, 2019 at 4:51 PM
    2. Sebastian Dahl
      Sebastian Dahl
      sorry just got the game and its kinda a waste i used 180DKK and i cant be on the server my best friend is playing on
      May 19, 2019 at 6:12 PM
    3. Sebastian Dahl
      Sebastian Dahl
      maartin im sorry but can we talk about the autoclicker ban. what proof of autoclicker is there i dont use autoclicker thats scummy.

      can you please message me somewere i really wanna hear what you mean and why you think i use hacks
      May 19, 2019 at 8:54 PM