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  1. yourgenychan
  2. Golden_Place
    Golden_Place WagwanMate
  3. Golden_Place
    Golden_Place Maarten
    Good afternoon Maarten i am a player of your wonderful serv/network!! I love it and i have applied yt rank!!! here is the link : https://snapcraft.net/threads/16259/ thx for viewing it

    all best luck

  4. Golden_Place
  5. Golden_Place
    Golden_Place FunkyMunkyBum
    hey its me Golden_Place i have done my application nice profile picture!!!
  6. Chubbs
  7. IIKyanD4
    IIKyanD4 Jedz
    Hey, i need help with [YouTuber rank] (Applications) It wont let me type my thread message in, it only allows me to type my Title and verify my settings for the thread. Wondering if you could help me, since your a [MOD]
    1. Jedz
      If you would like to apply for the Youtuber rank then you will need to PM our Owner @Maarten about it.
      Nov 19, 2017 at 7:17 AM
  8. Chubbs
  9. Chubbs
  10. IIKyanD4
    IIKyanD4 ToHereKnowsWhen
    Hey, I need help (wondering if you could help) when i go to the YouTube Rank [applications] i cant type my thread message in, it wont let me. What do i do?
    1. ToHereKnowsWhen
      ask staff
      Nov 19, 2017 at 6:40 AM
  11. Cookie
    Cookie Alecdent
    whatre you looking at
  12. Cookie
    Cookie BakedCornbread
    edit; nvm, screw you. too cool to follow non-builders now bye??
  13. Myles Hall
  14. Jedz
    Jedz Cookie
    hey im ur biggest fan

    1. Cookie likes this.
  15. Emmmma
  16. kroud
    kroud Emmmma
    1. Emmmma
      Nov 18, 2017 at 9:24 PM
  17. kroud
    kroud Kelcei
  18. Growless
  19. gamie0412
    gamie0412 Maarten
    hopelijk kan je ook nederlands want ik ben nederlands maar ik vind dit echt een leuke server het zou echt fijn zijn als ik admin zou worden en hier is nog wat informatie

    ik ben 8jaar

    ik ben jarig op 4december

    ik het in het echt Jamie

    groetjes gamie0412
  20. Squidz
    Squidz Kelcei
    Congrats on the promotion :)
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    2. Kelcei
      ty (:
      Nov 18, 2017 at 10:48 PM