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May 20, 2019 at 4:31 AM
Mar 6, 2015
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Oct 18, 1997 (Age: 21)


Zombie Killer, Male, 21, from Space

Stars can't shine without darkness Apr 4, 2016

Dudeman470 was last seen:
May 20, 2019 at 4:31 AM
    1. QuantumStrafes
    2. KriticLinkRice
      Hey Dudeman470, my brother had an hacked client that he was using, I went to a spelling bee for district and my nosy brother went on my minecraft and started hacking on servers. He told me he got banned for a week on Snapcraft I was upset at my brother, it's been a week and now it's ban time to permanent. Please, unban me or temp ban me this is like my fav server. Thank You.
    3. Xajkil
      Dudeman470 false banned me for two years until I was able to prove I wasn't an alt of my hacker brother, I told him that he made me lose my /f top #2 place, my gang in kitpvp, and my skyblock, and he told me nothing. Great Staff would rate 10/10
    4. Pixel_PlayzYT2
      If i did do something wrong (which i didnt do the day i had gotten banned by you) i will accept the punishment.But try to ask iave if she banned me for my tp lure which i will admit i did but is 2 bans neccesary for something i got punished for already
    5. Pixel_PlayzYT2
      um sir you banned me for tp luring when i had been banned before that by iave so is there an error because i only did it once so can you unban me i was reported by lupitiquewolf and iave saw it so i got the ban so i dont understand why i got banned can you tell me why i got banned i wasnt on when you banned me but i was on like 6 hours before that checking the ah and selling my old base
    6. jesperhero123
      can u accept me helper?
    7. nic twardowski
      nic twardowski
      so you banned me for hacks and i dont even have them can u provied proof and unban my account it is fancyhamster407
      1. ~Crafter~
    8. dylan connella
      dylan connella
      Thanks so much for the second chance hope to see u around today :)
    9. superninja520
      I was perm banned but I have not played the sever in a week what happened my name is SuperNinja520
    10. Clarence
      my name is mineing4555 i was banned for a week for "combat hacks". I do not hack and I think I was mistaken for someone else. I am really missing my time spent on this server, hoping it can be appealed and I can get back to playing again :)
    11. sandydaze3
      i am sandydaze3. Ok onto what happened i was just banned for charge back by accidedent my fault paypal called i said no i didn't purchase anything and when i rembered i did it was to late and now im banned is there anyway i can get unbanned by the way i called paypal and said continue the transactions so you guys have the money but im still banned
    12. BlakeSilverstaYT
      Could you read my staff application
      1. GeorgiePieMC
        Do not ask members of the staff team to review your application, They will be checked every once in a while.
        Mar 30, 2018
    13. Fallen_Alpha
    14. Fallen_Alpha
      your admin right my date of birth is wrong on my account its 2003 not 2002
    15. Claudia
      Coztmer has Kill Aura/Aura reach. I was playing kit pvp and he/she reached me from about 7-8 blocks away. Thank you for your time.
    16. TheAaron
      whatta bish, you are some how still admin
    17. Vicky
      hah, gramps
      1. TheAaron
        he still is
        Feb 25, 2018
      2. Vicky
        uh huh
        Feb 28, 2018
    18. theycallmereece
      oh btw u banned me :(
    19. theycallmereece
      dudeman i have been wanting to get back on this server for ages and have been banned fo using mods but it was my freind i have spent alot of money on snapcraft thnx
    20. KingSavage105
      hey Dudeman you perm banned me for making an inappropriate name i was wondering if you could urban me now since i have changed it my sign rn is NoHacksProSkill
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    Oct 18, 1997 (Age: 21)


    I'm just a victim,
    With this sickness within.
    I'm just a memory faded slowly,
    And only the lonely know me​