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  • Hey Caampo, could you remove chestshops from a player who isnt on the island anymore in skyblock at my island?
    I just found out that earth games has been removed. I bought VIP (Bainscraft) but now it's gone. Can you refund me the money?
    Where can i make a ban appeal? cuz i just find out i got banned for "cheating" by you "Caampo".
    im not playing into his childish game he knows that we are enemies on the server along with other members of the fat clan like fatravn and fatsniff and fatwhatever, they constantly target me and are now tring to get me banned with ''scamming''
    this kid on snapcraft is trying to get me banned along with his other friends in the same ''FAT'' gang. My user is Bandxz and the player who goes by FatTom is saying i ''scammed'' him when he purposely traded me a sword in an attempt to get me banned knowing id take it.
    hi, I'm wondering if you or one of the members of your team could help me remove a sponge, the name of it is region517 owned by vaniljam. the last time the player was on this server was 3 weeks 6 days ago (or about a month). the x y and z quadrants are 3283x 57y and z2010. hope you can remove it
    Are you still around?
    I remember you from back in the days!
    Any idea where City_king or westie went?
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