1. AkenoCover

    Dyes in /shop ?!

    Hellow, It's my first time on the forum and i want to submit something, Make dyes available in the /shop ! Im asking that because i can't have green dye because cactus are only available in the free world (maybe) and i need it to do green glass. That really frustrated me and blocking me to do...
  2. iAve

    Survival Build comp

    Hello, people of survival, I am out looking for the best build in the survival server. It may be any size, any block, new or old. You may build something completely new before the inspection date but if it not finished, what you have will be graded. Requirments - Must have a warp - If PVP is...
  3. PattyCakes

    My build!

    Hey! Just felt the urge to share and I figure that the forums is a great place to showcase projects! So over the last two days I've been working on a build and I just wanted to share my project with the whole network! I hope to post more builds in future to share on the forums and with the...
  4. CosmicPyro


    i've fixed my issue thx wowoow
  5. Au5

    Build comp support

    So, i am aware that schematics are strictly not allowed on the server. however, Build comps have some amazing builds that I'm sure users would like to keep. I personally would like the ability to download my plot at the completion of the build comp. i was wondering if there was some way that...
  6. OlafIsHere

    200K Blocks Build

    It took me loads of time to build this! but in the end it was all worth it. Thought I would upload some screenshots here since the building comp 'Medival' is already done.
  7. AstronauZ

    What should i build?

    Basically, i got bored and I'm wanna waste 1 million $ on building and stuff I will build it and I will paste a sign saying that you suggested it thanks!
  8. XxJumboMCxX

    Team Vorstellen Recruitment

    Vorstellen is a new, small build team looking for new members that are good at building. Most/All of our building will take place on Snapcraft creative server. We don't have 'extreme' standards but would like decent builders. If your application is accepted, you will undergo a small trial just...
  9. Trickstere

    Looking for employment.

    I'm relatively new to the Survival server (although I've been playing MC since 2011), but once I get my region finished, I'll be standing in the city offering my services to those who require them. Anything really tedious, like cutting down trees, landscaping, mining, farming, or defending a...
  10. Sash_Potato1337

    My Build.

    I wanted to be a builder in this server but I knew that it's my first time playing here so there is no way I could be accepted so yeah, just gonna show my build. (you guys can ask me if you want to see more of my builds, i'll just edit this post and add more)
  11. Sparrow_Tail_

    Looking For a Community?

    Hello! I am assuming you clicked here because you are looking for a friendly group of players who live and work together in a community/town. About: Forest Glen is the name of our community. It is on the survival part of the snap craft server. So far we have around 15 members! Everyone is very...
  12. SnapCraftPanda

    Ideas for a build

    I have a plot that has 5 plots merged, and need some ideas, also a few people that could help (if I know you) would be nice. The plot is in the shape of the following OO OOO (My ideas would be a town, a castle with a village) I need some building ideas for above label what it would be town...
  13. Youknow


    Hello, my name is Taylor ,and I love to build in this game and I'm pretty good at it. Also I would love to be on your building team, but I can't go onto any Skype calls ,sorry about that. Still I think I would be a good helper on the building team. Here is one of my better builds sorry if the...