1. abyissymomo

    Punish X-Ray hackers with worse Punishments...

    I believe that X-Ray on a factions server should result in an instant month to Perma Ban. It removes an entire playstyle, and makes it impossible to hide a base. X-ray needs to be fought with an iron fist.
  2. D


    Me and many other people on factions have been having recent issues with the users upsidedown_cake, haumixiix and DIGGYBOY. people have repeatly said they are using clients and I even have video proof of them using xray. They are also being very toxic and show no respect towards others on the...
  3. D


    Hi, my name is Nooc34, (My age is fake on my profile to start off with), I love Snapcraft and have been playing for about a year, despite the many resets. I am OK with building. I am pretty bad at PvP. I like helping new players. I play mostly Skyblock. I love Pokemon and Minecraft. I report a...
  4. xLauqhinq

    Found A Hacker At Factions /warp pvp

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQhzDRel1ygLRG4Z5vVJ8lA My Own Channel Hacker Caught at /warp pvp Please Subscribe To My Channel Even Though I Just Started Today (July 12 2017)
  5. M


    Hello, There are a lot of hackers on your server. Reason 1: because you have no KitPvP anti-cheat. Like invisable people flying around you when you are fighting. Reason 2: Recruit more mods or Helpers. Its a efficient way for helpers to go on a alt account and go fight there and then you will...
  6. JustBULL

    My Account Got HACKED

    IGN:MeatAxe_ IProdigy_YT said in the chat that he dont want his cape so he will transfer it for me then he hacked my account he gave me a Cape Link i open that link there was a minecraft login i used my email and pass i thought he was real cuz he have a paladin rank you can see the server chat...
  7. TooSour

    SayImDaddy Hacks

    I'm disappointed about the fact that the most active player on the server has to hack to get op...
  8. Z


    I've found _XEH_ using kill aura and anti knockback. Go to this these and you will see it. file:///C:/Users/Arne/Documents/Bandicam/bandicam%202016-09-03%2022-08-01-914.mp4 file:///C:/Users/Arne/Documents/Bandicam/bandicam%202016-09-03%2022-03-34-842.mp4