1. Erik_ISL

    F perms questions

    My friend is the current Admin for our faction but would like to give us (including me) perms to be able to claim land etc. How does he do this? (he cant get it to work?
  2. B

    A question about sponges

    Hello, I would like to know how does the sponge permission works. If i give someone permission in my region, will the person be able to destroy my sponge? Also, will this person be able to use the sponge commands? Like adding someone new in the region, or hide the sponge. Thank you!
  3. B

    how do i unlock party features

    Hello, I made a party from the command /party create because i would like to speak privately with my friends with no need to flood the common chat to do so. However, when i try to use the command /p to say something, it says that the party chat is not unlocked. I would like to know how can i...

    Map in game

    I was able to link as many map(Item #0395) as possible and show them on the wall 2 years ago. But I find out that now I can only make one unique map, I can use all the empty maps but got exactly same maps all the time(Item #0358). I already ask my friends try it on their own, same problem...
  5. D

    If I change my username, will I lose my rank, mcmmo, etc on servers?

    Hi, I am thinking about changing my username, if I do will I have to make a forum application or something else proving it's me to my ranks mcmmo, etc back?
  6. Sam_music89

    Slime Spawner Question *Urgent*

    So I bought a slime spawner thru /ah for a whopping 50k. And I wanted to know if it works. Do slimes spawn or not. Only on slime chunks or everywhere? If on slime chunks how do I detect them? Also if they do not spawn is it possible to classify this /ah investment a scam? Which is explicitly...
  7. Izzydear

    Auction more than one thing

    Hello, Im pretty new and i apologize if this seems like a very dumb question, but I can't find it in any forums and no one on the server will answer my question, so: How do i get the ability to auction more than one thing at a time? Thank you.
  8. Harrisongb


    So, I've been wanting to get king on survival and I'm waiting for the next sale. I think a Fourth of July sale would be a great idea. Maybe 40-50% off.Thanks!
  9. A

    Question: Animal max per island

    Hello! I am quite new to the snapcraft server and am trying out Skyblock first. I have quite a few sheep (and some cows and pigs) but at some point they stopped making new cows and sheep when breeding. They still get the hearts and come together for breeding, then I get XP but no new animals...
  10. InstaAE

    Buy a Mass VIP?

    Is there a way I can pay for a mass VIP which gives me VIP in all games with VIP rank? If so, whats the cost.
  11. Zemyzemph

    Im new yeaeee

    I have a few questions pertaining the Creative mode, Since no one on the server wants to help me. Questions: 1: How do you enable Fire? 2: Whats the limit of height and depth? 3: Why must I vote in order to use Redstone but it only lasts 1 hr long? 4:I'm not sure if chat is working considering...
  12. I

    About the staff applications

    If you don't meet like one or two of the requirements but are close or something like that does that mean you get denied and are not allowed to make another app, or does it mean something else?
  13. josta7

    Survival Player Warp?

    How do I make a player warp for myself on the new Economy Survival? o.O Do you have to be at a certain level, or....? Thanks for your help. (y)