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Creative Guide

Discussion in 'Creative' started by Maarten, Aug 20, 2016.

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    Snapcraft Creative Guide
    Plots commands and their meanings:
    The Plots plugin features a ton of commands that are very useful to having an amazing, easily manageable plot but incase you don't know one or what they do. Or just not sure on how to use them, please read the following.

    /plot auto
    This is the most basic command on creative. This command sends you to a free plot where you can build and is grief-protected. Meaning only you or people you choose have rights to build on it.

    /plot add & /plot trust
    This relates to the last section of /Plot Auto. With this command you can control who has access to build / interact with your Plot. This is useful if,
    • Need help with a building or
    • Want to build with friends.
    • Want to create or host a roleplay.
    Usage: /plot add <Username> (plot add allows the added players to both build and interact).
    Usage: /plot trust <Username> (plot trust allows the trusted players to interact with doors etc)

    /plot remove
    This relates to the /plot add command. With this command it will remove all building and interacting rights from a player that has been added to your plot.
    Usage: /plot remove <Username>.

    /plot deny & /plot deny *
    /plot deny allows you to ban or block someone from entering your Plot. With this they have no rights to enter the plot even if they /Tpa to someone that is inside.
    Usage: /plot deny <Username>.
    Usage: /plot deny * (This denies all players from entering your plot).

    /plot undeny
    With this command it allows a player that you have /Plot Deny from your Plot to be able to enter your Plot again without being locked outside.
    Usage: /plot undeny <Username>.
    Usage: /plot undeny * (Undenies everyone from your plot).

    /plot claim
    This command allows you to manually claim a free plot. Whether you want to have a plot near a friend or would like to own a plot in a certain area, this command becomes very useful. But you must make sure that the plot you would like to claim doesn't have an owner or you won't be able to claim that certain plot.

    /plot home
    This command (/plot home) allows you to return to your Plot that you were working on no matter where you are on Creative.

    /plot sethome
    With this command you have the ability to go to a certain area on your plot and set the home in that position. So next time when you do /plot home you will spawn in that very spot.

    /plot info
    This command gives you or a player viewing the plot to view:
    Owner of the Plot
    Players that are added to the plot
    Players that are trusted to the plot
    Players that are denied to the plot
    Plot ID
    Plot Biome

    Stuck in a block? Can't type anything in chat or use any commands? Or is your game crashing? Please submit a support ticket and the friendly staff will be able to resolve your issue.
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    thx, i have already help people with this
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