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KitPvP Guide

Discussion in 'Kit PvP' started by TheWiggster99, Aug 20, 2016.

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    Snapcraft KitPvP Guide

    Gangs commands and their meanings:
    The gangs plugin is very useful, and can come in very handy in certain situations. Incase you don't know one of the commands, what they do, or just not sure on how to use them, please read the following.
    Please note- "<name>" is the player's in-game-name (IGN), not their nickname etc.

    /g create

    This command is needed, first of all to allow you to create your gang, and name it to whatever you wish, (cannot be longer than 5 characters however).
    Usage: /g create <name>

    /g invite & /g uninvite
    Once you have created your gang, you will need people inside it, this command will allow you to add the player you wish, assuming they aren't already in a different gang.
    Same concept as before, just cancels an invite you sent to a player, normally used if you invited the wrong player.
    Usage: /g invite <name>
    Usage: /g uninvite <name>

    /g kick & /g leave
    This command is for players that are currently in your gang, which you want gone.
    For leaving the gang you're currently in.
    Usage: /g kick <name>

    /g levelup & /g deposit
    As the basic gang only allows you a limited number of players, you may wish to upgrade your gang, in-order to allow more players to be able to enter it. In order for this to happen,, you need to "deposit" some money into the gang before allowing you to level it up, (Max level gang is 5).
    Usage: /g deposit <amount>

    /g withdraw
    Takes money out of the gang's back account and places it inside your own balance.
    Usage: /g withdraw <amount>

    /g promote & /g demote
    Within your gang, you have different ranks that you can give people. Obviously, the higher the rank, the more access/permissions they will have to your gang, (only promote people to the high ranks if you're sure they can be trusted).
    Exactly the same concept, except goes the other way, decreases the power these people have in your gang.
    Usage: /g promote <name>
    Usage: /g demote <name>

    /g info
    The normal command, without a gang name on the end will tell you all the information about your own gang.
    Usage: /g info <gang name> - Shows information about another gang.
    So what sort of information will I find?
    -The amount of kills and deaths that gang has, with the overall K/D ratio included.
    -The names of the players that are in there.
    -Who the leader of that gang is, for if you wish to message them and find out if you could join.
    -The level of the gang.

    These are all the basic, useful commands that you should need in-order to start, and manage your gang. However, if you do /g info in-game, it will give a FULL list of the commands, but, with not as much detail.

    KitPvP basic commands (general)

    As for the rest of KitPvP, there are also a lot of helpful commands that you can use- ranging from making lots more money to trading without risking being scammed.

    Works if you're anywhere on the map (down in PvP included), and will teleport you back to the main at the top. The teleport time has a warm-up time of 5 seconds before you actually travel to spawn.

    /ah sell & /auc

    Both of these commands list the item that you're currently holding into the auction house, which can be accessed by /ah or right click the NPC (villager) at spawn. Please note- it costs $50 to list an item onto the auction house, every single time.
    Usage: /ah sell <amount>
    Usage: /auc <amount>

    /trade & /trade accept

    This set of commands allows you to easily trade your items, and money in peace, without it being at risk of being stolen and scammed. This set of commands are completely free to use.
    Usage: /trade accept <name>
    These are only two of the commands associated with /trade. Type this command in-game for some more!

    /en list

    We have custom enchants on the server, which can be acquired by enchanting anything normally in an enchantment table, with the chance of custom enchants on that item as well! The higher level the enchant is, the greater chance there is of gaining custom enchants.

    This gets rid of the scoreboard that you see on the right hand side of your screen, and can be turned on and off whenever you like.

    /warp donate
    This will tell you all about the different commands and perks that you get if you were to donate to the server, and choose that specific rank.

    This command allows you to access your:
    -K/D ratio
    -Current kill streak
    -Highest kill streak
    Usage: /stats <name>

    /warp <warps>
    There are warps for information needed in game. Most of the signs and information are located under the spawn which can be accessed with the command /warp or going down the ladders provided near the kill crate key chest.

    In game items

    Shiny Emeralds: these are rewards dropped when killing a player. You can sell them at the villager at spawn — which can be found towards the right of when you spawn.
    Kill crate keys: these are like vote crate keys, however their are obtained by killing other players. You can claim your rewards from the keys at the chests near the drop into the arena.
    Fishing rods: these can be dropped by killing players or bought at the store villager.
    Exp bottles: these are dropped when killing a player.
    Diamond armor: these can be bought at the store villager or are a rare chance of dropping from killing players.

    Stuck in a block? Can't type anything in chat or use any commands? Or is your game crashing? Please make a support ticket- http://www.snapcraft.net/support-tickets/ and the friendly staff will be able to resolve your issue.
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    Very helpful for new players to kitpvp, thanks!
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    I thought the max guild level was 6. I saw a guild get to level 6 a few months ago.
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    Thanks Wiggster.
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    no gang shit ):
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    Thank you for making this forums post! I've just joined this server and from what I've seen, the community is mostly friendly to each other and helpful.
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    I believe this will be very helpful for new player to the committee Thanks for making this!
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    thank you for the information I will be using this often when i don't remember commands
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    This is a great post for New players !