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Survival Guide

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Butters, Aug 20, 2016.

  1. Butters

    Butters Zombie Killer

    Protection Guide

    Protection commands and their meanings:

    This plugin allows players to protect their land using sponges. When placed, the sponge creates a 21x21x21 region, making it so other players cannot access your chests, break blocks, open doors, etc. unless you grant them permission. If you'd like to know more, please read these following commands.

    /protect info
    If you're curious about who is added to someone's region, who owns the region itself, or the coordinates of the region, use this command. It also displays if PvP is disabled or enabled in that region.

    /protect add
    Adding a player will allow them to do basically anything in your region. Be careful who you add to your region, as they can build and break blocks, open containers and doors, kill mobs, etc.

    Usage: /protect add <Username>.

    /protect remove
    This command simply removes a player from your region if you've added or trusted them to it, making it so they can no longer do anything in your region.

    Usage: /protect remove <Username>.

    /protect trust
    Trusting a player allows them to interact with doors and buttons/levers in your region, but doesn't let them build or break blocks.

    Usage: /protect trust <Username>.

    /protect untrust
    Removes a player that you've trusted to your region.

    Usage: /protect untrust <Username>.

    /protect hide/unhide
    Want to make your sponge invisible? Use the command /protect hide and your sponge will disappear. Don't worry, your region will still be protected and you can retrieve your sponge or view it again using /protect unhide. While your sponge is invisible, you can also place blocks where the sponge was and it will cause no harm.

    Usage: /protect hide
    Usage: /protect unhide

    /protect togglepvp
    When first creating a region, you and other players will be able to attack and kill each other. In order to turn off PvP so that everyone is safe from that, use /protect togglepvp. To turn off PvP, you will need 15k to do so.

    Usage: /protect togglepvp

    Sponge removal
    If you're offline for 45 days your sponges will despawn and your area will become unprotected.

    Guilds Guide
    Guilds commands and their meanings:
    Guilds allow you to create or join a group with your friends or any players. It costs 50k to create your own guild. You cannot PvP with people in the guild you're in, and also you can deposit money into your guild. For a more in-depth guide, continue reading.

    /guild top
    If you want to see some of the richest and strongest guilds out there, use /guild top. The more money in a guild's bank, the higher it is on the leaderboards.

    /guild info
    Use this command if there's a specific guild you'd like to know more about. Using this command will display:
    When the guild was created
    What level the specified guild is
    The guild's overall kills, deaths, assists, and its K/D ratio
    The guild leader and the guild's members (and the guild's online members)
    How much money is deposited into the guild's bank

    Usage: /guild info <guild>

    /guild create
    If you'd like to create your own guild, you can use /guild create. In order to create a guild, you'll need 50k.

    Usage: /guild create <name>

    /guild disband
    If you no longer want the guild you've created, use this command to delete it completely.

    /guild join
    If you've received an invite to a guild, use this command if you'd like to join it.

    Usage: /guild join <guild>

    /guild invite
    Use when you want to invite a player to your guild.

    Usage: /guild invite <player>

    /guild kick
    Use this command if there's a member in your guild you no longer want or need.

    Usage: /guild kick <player>

    /guild leave
    If you want to leave a guild you joined, use this command.

    /guild levelup
    Leveling up your guild increases the amount of players that can join it. Leveling up opens up 5 more spots in your guild each time. (Example: Level 1 guild holds 5, Level 2 guild holds 10.)

    /guild promote
    Use to promote a player in your guild, allowing them to use more guild commands.

    Usage: /guild promote <player>

    /guild demote
    Use to demote a player that you've promoted in your guild.

    Usage: /guild demote <player>

    /guild deposit
    Put money into your guild with this command. Putting money into your guild brings it higher up the leaderboards. Also, deposit money into the bank when leveling your guild higher, and if you level up the guild, the money in the guild bank will be used.

    Usage: /guild deposit <amount>

    /guild withdraw
    Use this command if you'd like to take money out of the guild's bank.

    Usage: /guild withdraw <amount>

    /guild listhomes
    Use if you'd like to see a list of all homes that belong to the guild.

    /guild home
    Teleport to one of your guild homes.

    Usage: /guild home <home>

    /guild sethome
    Set a home for your guild. Make sure to name it!

    Usage: /guild sethome <home>

    /guild delhome
    Delete a home from your guild. Make sure to provide the name of the home.

    Usage: /guild delhome <home>

    /guild ally
    Allies the specified guild. Allying another guild will disable PvP between both guilds.

    Usage: /guild ally <guild>

    /guild neutral
    If you're allied with a guild and no longer want to be, use this command (will enable PvP between the guilds).

    Usage: /guild neutral <guild>

    Sends a message in guild chat, so that everyone in your guild can see your message. People that are not in your guild cannot see messages in guild chat.

    Basic & Essential Commands Guide
    long title I know
    Sets a home that you can teleport to whenever you please. If you want, you can also name the home.

    Usage: /sethome <home>

    Deletes a home you no longer want or need. Make sure when deleting a home, you specify which home you'd like to remove.

    Usage: /delhome <home>

    Teleports you to the specified home.

    Usage: /home <home>

    /ah (and more)
    This is the auction house, where players can sell anything they have for any price they want. You can buy an item from the auction house by simply clicking on the item you want, and confirming the purchase. You can also sell an item yourself in the auction house by holding what you want to sell in your hand. If you auction something and nobody buys the item you auctioned for 24 hours, it will go into the Collect Expire/Cancelled Items section where you can retrieve what didn't sell or what you cancelled. Please do not put scams in the Auction House, it will get removed and money will be deducted from your balance depending on the scam. If caught scamming multiple times, you will receive a ban.

    Usage: /ah (to view the auction house)
    Usage: /ah sell <price> (to sell the item you are holding)

    Used to check your balance or other players' balances.

    Usage: /bal <player>

    Give the specified player money from your balance.

    Usage: /pay <player> <amount>

    /pwarp (and more)
    Set, view, or teleport to other players' warps. Here is the full list of Player Warp commands:

    /pwarp opens the player warp GUI
    /pwarp set sets a player warp where you are standing for 2k
    /pwarp name <warpID> <name> sets the warp display name
    /pwarp item <warpID> <itemID> sets the warp display item
    /pwarp extend <warpID> increases the amount of time the specified warp lasts by 24h for 2k

    Your warp ID is the number of your warp displayed in the warp GUI.


    Toggles the scoreboard to the right of the screen on/off.

    /mctop, /mcrank, & /mcstats
    View your rank on the leaderboards, your stats, and the highest ranking McMMO players on the server.

    /mctop displays the top McMMO players
    /mcrank displays your rank on the McMMO leaderboards
    /mcstats displays your McMMO stats

    If you'd like to see a specific McMMO leaderboard, do /mctop <skill>. Example: /mctop mining

    McMMO gives an RPG-like style to the server, adding leveling up to your skills, abilities, and more.

    Views other players' McMMO stats.

    Usage: /inspect <player>

    Lists all warps you can teleport to. If there are multiple pages of warps, use /warp <page> to go another page of warps.

    Usage: /warp <page>

    /msg & /tpa
    Commands used on mostly all servers. TPA sends a teleport request to the specified player, and MSG sends a message to the specified player.

    Usage: /msg <player>
    Usage: /tpa <player>

    Thinking of buying a rank?
    Use /buy to go to the Snapcraft Webstore, and /warp rank to see what features come with what ranks.

    Want to create a chest shop? Make your shop sign like this:


    Quick Dungeons Guide
    What are dungeons?
    There are plenty of dungeons to choose from. Dungeons are maps and places that have been infested with mobs. These mobs include zombies, skeletons, blazes, and more. Gear up and go into the dungeon of your choosing, which also range in difficulty (Easy, Medium, and Hard). Your goal is to find your way to the end of the dungeon without dying and of course, get as much loot as you can hold! All mobs in dungeons will drop random yet useful drops. There is a difference in loot drops depending on what difficulty you choose.

    Play a dungeon with multiple people by creating a party. Use /dparty create and /dparty invite.

    Stuck in a block? Can't type anything in chat or use any commands? Or is your game crashing?
    Please submit a support ticket and the friendly staff will be able to resolve your issue.
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  2. Jonson

    Jonson First Step

    Thank you for taking the time out to post this. otherwise, I likely would've never found out we can toggle the scoreboard. :)
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  3. Encoof

    Encoof First Step

    Thanks for the guide!
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  4. blazziing

    blazziing First Step

    Very helpful guide for new players like my self. Thanks :)
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  5. 21slkyle

    21slkyle First Step

    but how do you get the protection sponges do regular sponges work is there a command
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  6. Jaide Hellspur

    You can obtain sponges from /warp shop. Sometime people put them up for auction on /ah for less than the price in shop.
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  7. ChronO0o

    ChronO0o First Step

    so wait, can i have more then one home tp?
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  8. CoxBrothers

    CoxBrothers Emerald Miner

    Survival VIP+
    Only if you have a rank.
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  9. Crook69

    Crook69 First Step

    so a /pwarp for 2k only lasts 24 hours?
    If I disable PVP does that disable PVP on all my sponges or just the sponge area that I'm standing?
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  10. _Mr_Penguin_

    _Mr_Penguin_ Iron Miner

    If you use the command /protect togglepvp, it will only toggle the pvp for a singular sponge. This costs 15k, and in order to do this command you have to be within the protection of the sponge.
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  11. kroud

    kroud Tree Puncher

    Survival Ultra
    How many votes need to got 1 rank in survival????????
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  12. CoxBrothers

    CoxBrothers Emerald Miner

    Survival VIP+
    basically, you have to be in the top 5 players with the most votes (the people that get to top 5 usually have around 160-180 votes). If you're one of the top 5 players by the end of the month, you get a $25 gift card for the shop.

    If you want to get one of those gift cards you basically have to vote every day on all the voting websites.
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  13. Spooky Hollows

    Spooky Hollows First Step

    Are animals protected within sponged regions as well? I don't want my farm to get destroyed (whenever I make one lol)
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  14. CoxBrothers

    CoxBrothers Emerald Miner

    Survival VIP+
    Yes, as long as the animals are in the sponge area they cannot be killed by other players.
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