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Lucky Block Brawl Guide

Discussion in 'Lucky Block Brawl' started by xMegAxCALx, Aug 21, 2016.

  1. xMegAxCALx

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    Snapcraft Lucky Block Brawl Guide
    What lucky block brawl actually is:
    Lucky block brawl is a game mode made for fun where you are assigned to a team randomly (Teams are: Red, Blue, Grey, Purple or Green). as a team you will go and break lucky blocks hoping to get good gear and tools to kill the members in the other teams until one of the teams reach the target kill goal! be aware though as not all the lucky blocks will be able to help you and may even make it a challenge!

    How to join a game:
    To join a game once you have connected to lucky block brawl you can either download the texture pack (This will make it look more like lucky block) or you can skip downloading the texture pack and get straight into joining a game (will show the lucky blocks as sponge), once you have decided to either download the texture pack or not you will then go to the board with the signs, and you can right click the sign that says "Auto join" which will put you into a random game or you can right click one of the games signs, an Example of this would be to click a sign that says [lbb 2]. If once you have joined a game you wish to leave and join a different game then you can type /leave and it will take you back to the lucky block lobby

    What coins are and how they can be used:
    You use coins to purchase in game tools or armour (Once you purchase something using coins in a game it will last until the end of that game or until you leave), each item you buy an item from the shop it will cost a specific amount of coins depending on what you purchase. you can get coins by voting or killing your opponents!

    Gear and kits you start with when you join a game:
    Once you join a game you will get a choice of kits, this will determine what tools you start with, no matter what kit you choose you will start with the stated armour:
    Wool for your helmet (this will be the same colour of your team to show what team you started as, this can be replaced with a helmet if you get one!)
    Full Protection 2 Unbreaking 10 Chain armour (Can be changed when you get other gear!)
    The tools you will get depends on your kit, the kits that all players get are (If you have VIP or MVP you get more choices):
    Survivalist - Iron Sword, Iron Pickaxe, Iron Shovel and 1 Golden Apple
    Archer - Bow (Power 3 Infinite 1), 2 Golden Apples and an arrow!

    In game shop:
    Items you can purchase using coins in game are:
    Diamond boots
    Diamond Leggings
    Diamond Chestplate
    Diamond Helmet
    Lucky Axe (Sharpness 3, Unbreaking 1, Looting 2)
    Arrows x 8
    Golden Apples x 4
    TNT x 1
    Lucky Boots (Protection 3, Fire Protection 4, Blast Protection 4, Thorns 3) [VIP/MVP only]
    Lucky Leggings (Protection 3, Fire Protection 4, Blast Protection 4, Thorns 3) [VIP/MVP only]
    Lucky Chestplate (Protection 3, Fire Protection 4, Blast Protection 4, Thorns 3) [VIP/MVP only]
    Lucky Helmet (Protection 3, Fire Protection 4, Blast Protection 4, Thorns 3) [VIP/MVP only]
    Lucky Sword (Sharpness 5, Unbreaking 3, Looting 3) [VIP/MVP only]
    Grenade x 1 [VIP/MVP only]
    TNT x 8 [VIP/MVP only]

    Once you have read all of this you will be ready to play!

    Got any further questions? Contact a staff member we're all friendly!
    Did you find a problem in a game? Is there anything you think could help?
    Create a support ticket http://www.snapcraft.net/support-tickets/open and staff will deal with it!
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  2. TenthDiamond

    TenthDiamond First Step

    Hey hey, So l love the lucky block server and I have been playing a while now I was just wondering if there was a way that I could install the recourse pack because it's just showing the sponge blocks for me.
  3. Infernovulpix

    Infernovulpix First Step

    ^ Same for me! Does anyone know how to fix that?

  4. Maarten

    Maarten Owner

    You can simply enable resource packs in your server list by editing the server and enabling them
  5. PyxiWulf

    PyxiWulf First Step

    Same here. Resource packs are enabled and I selected yes when prompted to download. It never sent the pack. A direct link to the resource pack so we can manually dl would be nice.