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Eg "Stuff to know"

Discussion in 'Earth Games' started by Depression, Sep 5, 2016.

  1. Depression

    Depression Gold Miner

    Alright so I haven't made an Eg guide/informational thread in a few months now so I thought I'd make another one.

    I always see new players complaining in chat about things like teaming, getting cleaned, naded, etc. I've also seen a few people who just want advice in general to help improve their stats so that they don't look like such a noob, so here is what I think most players need to realise to be able to push their Eg limits.

    Don't Depend On Your Team
    Often times I see players wondering where their team was at during a certain point, like a team fight for example. I am often asking the same question to myself, so no you aren't the only one. One simple trick that I use to prevent this from happening as often is to pretend you don't have a team. Most of the time, your team is either carrying you or you are being carried by your team. Chances are that if you are a decent or better player (you can judge this yourself) then you will be placed in one of the "Carrying" positions and your teamates will most-likely be doing nothing much more than trying to steal your kills. All in all, don't jump in any situation hoping that your team will do anything other than hinder you.
    Often times I see people getting combo'ed against the wall and standing absolutely no chance of survival. Using the terrain and blocks to your advantage is key to giving yourself that extra edge to beat even better players in fights. Using blocks to hop over or out of a hole is usually what ends up happening and is definitely one of the fastest way to do this task. Using blocks to parkour to places does require some parkour skills but it's not that hard to get used to. Make sure you are also spamming your jump bar if there is a block directly above you to get those extra critical hits in a fight or speed while running.
    The majority of the Earthgames community is usually nothing too special when it comes to toxicity, but a select few players (I've fallen under this category before) are about as toxic as it gets. Dealing with these players is usually not too difficult, find a weak point and abuse that shit like it's a dupe bug on survival/factions (I'm joking, make sure you are reporting any bugs you find here : http://www.snapcraft.net/support-tickets/open ). These points include being sensitive to large quantities of bow spamming, if they are hxckusating a legit player you can simply tell them they are legit and then follow it up by making fun of their stats if you find that their stats aren't the greatest (To find out their stats, find their original In-game name for the account they are using (before they changed it, if they did) and then go into the Earthgames lobby and type out the command "/eg stats [Original ign]", this will give you their most recently saved stats) or maybe their weak point is just massive amounts of targetting (if you are good enough for targetting to be effective of course, if not then maybe some help from a few other players could do the trick). I've talking a lot about other players being toxic but what if you want to be toxic? Well if you are planning to or just find yourself in the situation of you being toxic, just prepare yourself because I know that me and a few other players might not enjoy your toxicity as much as you do and targetting finding weak points (as mentioned above) is a thing. Keep in mind that some players like me can bowspam you with a Punch bow (Vip bow), can target you with my vip gear (I'm also decent at pvp) and can definitely target you barely having to think about your teamates (I can generally 1v3 leathers without too much difficulty) and don't even bring up stats. This is why you should avoid being toxic and how you can deal with the toxic bunch of the Earthgames community.
    "I'm just barely getting enough kills every match and it's not worth the time spent."
    You are playing too safe.
    "I'm getting too many deaths along with my kills."
    You are playing too risky.
    "Why should I listen to you?"
    Ehh, you don't have to.
    "Vips keep destroying me with their Pay-2-Win gear, what should I do?"
    You should get used to it.
    "I keep getting naded, there is no way out. Any suggestions?"
    Nope, you are screwed. RIP
    "Smh, your guides are so useless."
    Reminds me of you.
    "Wtf I'm so bad compared to gods like TopNinja and Shauns, how do I get better >.>"
    Practice with better players, if you ever want a quick 30-60 minutes of 1v1 practicing with me, I'll probably be glad to do so if you send me a /msg while I'm online.

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  2. Ashie

    Ashie Creeper Hugger

    lol I like the FAQ :XD:
  3. Depression

    Depression Gold Miner

    EDIT : I've added an entire new section, along with editing previous ideas and adding more questions to the FAQ.
  4. ~Crafter~

    ~Crafter~ Ghast Hunter

    Prison Boss
    There's a way to fight getting nade spammed. Buy Vip and nade back
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  5. Legitmon

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  6. Depression

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  7. Depression

    Depression Gold Miner

    Smh you can't just nade back lmao.
  8. Atromiteritus

    Atromiteritus First Step

  9. Depression

    Depression Gold Miner

    What do you mean by "wtf". You are either carrying your team to victory or you are being carried to victory.
  10. Kath

    Kath Creeper Hugger

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    Why are they included?..
  11. Depression

    Depression Gold Miner

    I would look too cocky naming myself, and they are some of the best eg players I can name off the top of my head.