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[Eg] This guy is the eg community all in 1.

Discussion in 'Earth Games' started by Depression, Sep 8, 2016.

  1. Depression

    Depression Gold Miner

    So yesterday, while playing with TheNamesIce (A new friend of mine), I met this guy named xSqlrYT_. Here is the story.

    So first off, we decided to team since we were both vips and it would just give us both another player to bother with, this was all fine until a few minutes later when I forgot that we teamed (I do this a lot, I usually correct myself before killing them though) and ended up killing him with TopNinja in a 2v1 (Me and TopNinja vs xSqlrYT_) because we were both at their base and were killing the players right as they left their base. Then this happens.

    Sorry for the blurry/small writing, there is a 10 screenshot limit and I had to improvise, this is the best I could do.
    He hxckusating, called me a god just to change his mind and think I'm bad the next day and then hxckusated right after we fought, ontop of him lying about me behind my back just to add on to the fact that he was acting like he knew me. Just to clearify, I checked his ign history :
    I can't say I can recall any of these igns other than the past 2 days.

  2. KingofBears20

    KingofBears20 Zombie Killer

    Didnt read it all but im pretty sure im the best eg vip.
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  3. ToKsuicR

    ToKsuicR Creeper Hugger

    What o-o Amishpie....
  4. TheCaptainBurito

    TheCaptainBurito Diamond Miner

    Sure you are...
  5. Legitmon

    Legitmon Obsidian Miner

    What is the point of this thread o-o
  6. Depression

    Depression Gold Miner

    Not really a specific point, mostly just showing how cocky some people can get and what happens when you beat somebody who thinks you are bad...
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  7. dantosky

    dantosky Gold Miner

    EG VIP
    I know how that feels. Happens to me too. I am a VIP in earthgames
    I am normally really good at pvp. When I wasn't a VIP the hackusated me every game and I nearly got banned because of someone like 6 months ago :-(