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[Eg] This guy is the eg community all in 1. PART 2

Discussion in 'Earth Games' started by Depression, Sep 11, 2016.

  1. Depression

    Depression Gold Miner

    If you are here to see more of xSqlrYT_, you've come to the wrong place, I'm here to talk about another player who I find fits most roles in the eg community all in 1. Or as Planky_ would say, "put him in his place". The point of this thread is to show people what some people like me (a lot of people hate/dislike me) have to deal with other than the casual grenade spamming. Let's get started.

    So today we will be talking about xXtheguyXx123456. I'll be honest I didn't reconise his ign and when I checked previous igns, none came up (Yes I typed his ign in correctly, check for yourself). This means that this is the first time I met this guy.

    I first noticed him right as an eg game that I was in was about to end, he was acting all cocky saying that he "only" got 68 kills in that game. I know that 68 isn't amazing but he kept saying that "only" 68 was "bad" for him. Of course this caught my attention, since I thought he might be the new "TopNinja" or "Meloetta". I was wrong. I checked this guy's stats and his kdr was set at 1.96 at the time, not even 2 kdr which is pretty bad for vips. Obviously, I knew this guy would have a wonderful excuse so I decided to ask him about it. He stated that his brother plays on his account sometimes and his brother is apparently very bad at the game, usually going negative.
    Of course I want to make sure because maybe he actually does have other people playing on his account and ruining his kdr, so I challenge him to a 1v1. So we set up the 1v1 :
    Then, as expected, he stalled for a bit :
    Keep in mind that we were playing on the "Battlegrounds" map and were planning to fight on the very sides of the map, not under the bridge. Right before we start, he digs out a small hole in the side of the mountain, I didn't care too much until he used this hole to camp during the 1v1, hitting me off and taking a few extra hearts of fall dmg, just to then bowspam me with his punch bow instead of letting me up and us resuming the 1v1.
    We finally got to fight, we traded hits twice, followed up by him getting put into a combo and running off at 1 health to gapple. I didn't mind too much since I already expected to win so I let him go without shooting him to death like he tried to do to me. We finally finish the fight, he gets put in another combo and dies, I won the 1v1 with "only" (as he would put it) 4 hearts left including the 5-ish hearts taken from his bowspam earlier on. Next we get to wait for yet another one of his amazing excuses :
    Lag, maybe it was just lag? Apparently I ghosted him. Later on, I was trying to type and so "Sinley" decided to take advantage and get a sneaking snipe in and get a kill on me. At half a heart, I stopped typing and moved. When I started to type again (at 1 heart of health) he decided to get the kill. I don't mind too much, if he weren't such a cocky liar right after :
    When I denied after him saying that it was a another fair 1v1, him and Sinley decide to 1v2 me. Of course I ended up dying as would be expect, but yet again he got cocky even though I got him down to 5 health and got Sinley down to 9 (they were both full at the start of the 1v2).
    When Sinley finally backed off, me and him 1v1'ed again. I ended up combo'ing him again and 8 heart'ing him again :
    Apparently he only even starts to lag whenever it's a fair 1v1 melee, other than that, he always seems to be doing fine.

    All in all, he basically got cocky, made up a ton of excuses when I called out his stats, made up more bs excuses after we 1v1'ed and always kept denying the truth. What a 10/10 eg player don't you think?

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  2. Roudan

    Roudan Tree Puncher

    Honestly, I'd edit the images and remove names as it violates the whole respect all users thing, but anyhow!

    I somewhat agree with the "community all in one" thing! Though not too surprising though considering things like the general Minecraft demographic (and I'm not just referring to kids; teens can be pretty boisterous too). Whether it's bluffing or they consider themselves the bees knees, it's fairly normal, and if they can get a response out of people it just fuels them to do it more.

    In most cases, it's best to either play along or just ignore it. I'd be pretty excited too if my parents bought me VIP. :-P

    For all you know, this dude may MLG pro and have an annoying brother who's really bad, and they lag terribly when fighting you. EG isn't about fair fighting, it's about getting dirty. Hence why you start with a shovel! :-D
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