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We're Sorry

Discussion in 'News' started by kyradawn, Dec 20, 2016.

By kyradawn on Dec 20, 2016 at 9:31 PM
  1. kyradawn

    kyradawn Tree Puncher

    Server Corruption
    I regret to inform you that some of our Factions data is corrupted. We know the cause of this, and it has been resolved in order to prevent it in the future. This corruption has lead to a vast majority of players losing their Factions, claims etc. Unfortunately we cannot get any of that data back which leads me to my next announcement.

    Factions Purge
    On January 20th, from 8:00 p.m. GMT to 10:00 p.m. GMT we will purge the cruel world of Factions. This will be similar to the Survival Purge that happened a while back. All claims will be no longer protected, PvP will be enabled everywhere, TNT will light the server ablaze, etc. Everything is your's for the taking. It's finally time for you to get back at that rival Faction that claims they are untouchable.

    Factions Reset
    Shortly after the purge, Factions will be reset due to us not being able to recover the data loss. Don't worry, though, it won't be the same Factions you are used to. We plan to add many new features that I'm sure you guys will be excited for.

    We will not disclose all of the new features that we plan to add to this reset however we will give you a few leaks. We will have a 1v1 duel system for all of you PvPers out there. Farming prices will rise in order to make a more balanced economy. TNT and Obsidian prices will decrease, which means more time spent raiding than farming! Bounties will also be added back.

    Thank You
    Once again, we do apologize for these issues. Thank you for your continued loyalty to the network and for bearing with us during these hard times. We appreciate every single one of you and your contribution to the server. Have a great day!
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Discussion in 'News' started by kyradawn, Dec 20, 2016.

    1. ~Crafter~
      Well I'm sure all those people asking for a factions reset will be happy again :-P
    2. Twiggy
      ^^ Was just thinking the same thing lol
    3. FearDirtyDan
      I can not wait for the reset! More raiding, more farming, and new features! dueling will also be awesome :) Good luck to everyone in the new reset! May the best factions prosper!
    4. Kitty____
      I left for a long time and everyone is really good now i can start fresh!
    5. Skullreaver
      you deleted my comment haha nice
    6. SnapCraftPanda
    7. Worior356
      Em...why don't you make the purge\reset earlier?(@Maarten >) Since people lost alot i don't think they will play untill the day it resets (My opnion).Anyway i don't play factions so i wouldn't know .i wish you all a Merry Christmass (or whatever you celebrate) And Happy New Year!
    8. kyradawn
      With the holidays and such many of us are with our families which makes it difficult for us to find the time to reset and add the features. I apologize.
    9. Worior356
      It's ok thanks for the reply
    10. tedders5
      Hi there,
      Could you at least enable the client-side world downloader plugin? It's not like people will have an advantage with it since the map is resetting. Then I can at least have a copy of the base I spent 6 months building. It would mean a lot!
    11. ~Crafter~
      It will not be allowed. We do not allow the use of world downloader mod so people cannot claim the builds on our server are their own.
    12. marussia42
      Here are some sugestions for after the reeset:

      1- disable all kits for 2 weeks or so after the reset.
      In my opinion it is much more fun starting from scratch than typing /kit whatever.

      2 - lower the price of c eggs to 10000
      Because they are so usefull in raiding proper bases specially if the chests are watered and allso because it is so frustrating to be inside a base that you have invested a lot of resources in geting in and then not being able to get any loot from it.
    13. tedders5
      Thanks for being so considerate of your players. Btw I've managed to save my base anyway regardless of the restrictions. Cheers
    14. Gator
      Happy to hear about the new changes. Thank you for the information and for explaining what happened to my fac and claims. I look forward to starting fresh in January!!
    15. hacker reporter
      hacker reporter
      Omg can't wait for the purge and can't wait to start raiding bases
      Also wish that there will be other ways to gain power in faction
    16. Maarten
      Due to slow rendering of the world the reset has been delayed until the 20th of January, We're are extremely sorry for this delay.
    17. DatPug
      WTF?! The date has been changed twice
    18. TheCaptainBurito
      I don't think many people read the edit, maybe make a new post?
      No hate though :)
    19. Bezingha
      Here is what to the first part about the /kit thing you either buy a rank or not and i personally spen so much money on immortal rank cuz it wasnt on sale when i bought it and i feel like i should get the boost that i deserved when i donated to the server. Try being on my place and image you had a rank would you want that?? Where as to the second part i complitely agree with you and i think that cee eggs should be like 5-7k but definitely not 14k. Also another thing is that in stead of doing that snapcraft you can let us open chest on any territory (no matter ally neutral or enemy) and make it so cee eggs can take spawners so we can get them from raids that's from me! Peace out ♥♥