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EraTV's App!

Discussion in 'Creative' started by EraTV, Dec 24, 2016.

  1. EraTV

    EraTV First Step

    • How long you have been playing on Snapcraft.net? ​
    • I have been playing SnapCraft for 3 months!​
    • How often are you online for?​
    • I am online about 3-11 hours. If there Is Vacations, Weekends, Etc. I could be on longer. So let's say the total of 3PM-12:00AM​
    • Why you are right for the job as helper?​
    • here are many reason why I want this rank firstly I love the community of SnapCraft, I have been playing this server for 3 months now and it is the first server I genuinely played factions on. Furthermore, I believe that I'm qualified for staff since I believe that I can offer a great contribution to the community. Helping out any confused player is my main priority. Second of all I want keep SnapCraft an enjoyable community by helping lower the number of players using a client to get an advantage to the game. I genuinely hate seeing players get frustrated over this. I will dedicate most my time to paying attention to chat, and staying at PvP zones to watch for players getting an advantage as well as keeping playing at a minimal. The last thing i would like to add is I want to keep seeing Snapcraft. become a successful server I want to keep seeing it get bigger and bigger every little bit. I am very mature and i have lots of dedication to the game same with helping any player I am on for long periods of time to help out the community.
      • How can you contribute to the staff team?
      I can assist SnapCraft by helping the community for many different reasons. To start off I can monitor The Chat/Players for long periods of time while enjoying the game. I am familiar with the all the in-game rules. As helper I would dedicate most of my time in game paying close attention to chat and players, while having my recording/screenshot software's open, As stated above "helping out any confused player is my main priority" I will answer anyone who Pm's me a question if i don't have and answer right I would try my best to find one, if it comes to the point were I cant find and answer I would hop on TS and ask a higher staff member. I will try my best to keep the community happy and help out as much as I can. I would help any player even if its a fellow staff member I would take time and explain to them what to do.
    • Also here are some reasons I would ban, Or mute the player(s).
    • Spamming Chat: - Spamming words or letters in chat with a lot of caps.
      1st offense: /warn (player) Spamming
      2nd offense: /mute (player) Spamming 5m
      3rd offense: /mute (player) Spamming 10m
      4th offense: /mute (player) Spamming 15m
      ( I would screenshot for evidence)

      Suspicious Links / IP-Loggers: - If you post any link in-game that is not related to the game.
      1st offense: /mute (player) Suspicious Link(s)
      ( I would screenshot the links for evidence)

      Inappropriate Links: - A Inappropriate that might harm younger players of the community.
      1st offense: /mute (player) Inappropriate Link(s)
      ( I would screenshot the links for evidence)

      Staff Disrespect: - Disrespecting staff or bugging the staff constantly.
      1st offense: /warn (player) Staff Disrespect
      2nd offense: /mute (player) 5m Staff Disrespect
      ( I would screenshot for evidence)

      Staff Impersonation: - Acting like you're a staff member.
      1st offense: /mute (player) Staff Impersonation 15m
      ( I would screenshot for evidence)

      Leaking Staff Information: - Leaking staffs private information.
      1st offense: /ban (player) Leaking Staff Information
      (Staff) - demoted and receive punishment.
      ( I would screenshot for evidence)

      Hacking: - Using blacklisted modifications/illegal clients.
      1st offense: /ban (player) 48 blacklisted modifications
      2nd offense: /ban (player) blacklisted modifications
      - /unban (player)
      ( I would record for evidence)

      Advertising: - Posting other server IP's in chat.
      1st offense: /ban (player) Advertising
      ( I would screenshot the IP for evidence)

      Indirect Advertising: - links that are unrelated to SnapCraft.
      1st offense: /mute (player) Indirect Advertising
      ( I would screenshot the link for evidence)

      Mute Evasion: Using a alt or exploiting commands to still type in chat when you are muted.
      1st offense: /ban (player) 15m
      ( I would screenshot for evidence)

      Racism: - Being excessively racist in chat.
      1st offense: /warn (player) Racism
      2nd offense: /mute (player) Racism 15m
      3rd offense: /mute (player) Racism 30m
      ( I would screenshot for evidence)

      Server Drama: - Causing drama on the server.
      1st offense: /mute (player) Server drama
      (Manager) - IPBan (player) Server drama
      ( I would screenshot for evidence)
      • Have you ever been banned/jailed/muted? Explain briefly, please. No, As stated above, I play legit, And let all player(s) have fun!
    • A little about yourself.
    • My name is Nicholas, And I am 14 years old, I live in the United States, my dream for the future is to become and Actor, Or a director. I do 1 sport outside of school that sport is wrestling. I love Playing SnapCraft in my free time. as-well as hanging out with friends and family.Lastly my biggest dream is to visit the Bahamas.
    Thank you for reading my app

  2. EraTV

    EraTV First Step

    Please reply back If you are active, Thank you.​
  3. ~Crafter~

    ~Crafter~ Ghast Hunter

    Prison Boss
    This is not where you apply. Please read www.snapcraft.net/helper/ more carefully as it says where to apply.
    Also this bit:
    Is unnecessary as we have our own guidelines and rules for doing this.