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Earthgames has gotten boring.

Discussion in 'Earth Games' started by KA0SDestroyer, Dec 24, 2016.


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  1. KA0SDestroyer

    KA0SDestroyer Gold Miner

    Some may disagree but i really think eg has gotten boring. No challenge in here. Its just bland.
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  2. spike99219

    spike99219 Iron Miner

    I'd have to agree with you. Somehow I've managed to keep my interest in Earth Games pretty strong over the past 7 or so odd months, but eventually playing the same exact game with no change finally gets to you. I find myself only going on Earth Games once in awhile, compared to a few months before when I'd log in a couple of hours every single day. Although for me the game is still quite enjoyable, there needs to be some sort of change (reset, new maps, assist kills, rods, etc.) if Snapcraft want's to prevent its longstanding Earth Games members from losing interest. This is just my opinion of course, but I believe that many others would agree. A game is only fun for so long, without change the enjoyment and challenge of the game begins to falter, and eventually it will fade to just a memory for some of us.
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  3. KA0SDestroyer

    KA0SDestroyer Gold Miner

    A lot of earth games players have moved somewhere else. I found my self attracted to kitpvp
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  4. Air_Racer64

    Air_Racer64 Zombie Killer

    Parkour Pro
    I personally really enjoy Earth Games, but one thing they need is new maps. Sometimes when I play I get a bit bored and go and play Lucky Block Brawl, then go back to playing Earth Games.
  5. aAussieGamer

    aAussieGamer Stone Miner

    I agree, they should put some type of challege bot in the EG lobby like on Hyp***l, and have new maps!?
  6. Depression

    Depression Gold Miner

    As Spike said, Eg really needs an update. Ideas like a complete stat reset (for all players), new maps (Probably won't happen due to lack of build team), new items/changing old ones, etc, are all great ways that the content team could start working on getting EG back on its feet. The only thing keeping EG together right now is the community which is decaying of toxicity as we speak. Would hate to see EG come this far just for it to be thrown behind because they want to focus on other gamemodes which have had much more reset updates and don't really NEED new ones.