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Best Excuses

Discussion in 'Earth Games' started by Depression, Jan 29, 2017.

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  1. Depression

    Depression Gold Miner

    This was on Earthgames so this doesn't apply to everybody, still funny for everybody to read nonetheless. Most players who don't want to add a loss to their stats page generally just leave right before the last kill is made, but then it's a bit too obvious that you are avoiding losses and it gives you a bad reputation. Recently I've noticed that people have got better at creating excuses to leave near the end of a match as to not ruin their reputation whilst still keeping their stat page. Just thought I'd create a thread showing off some funny ones and so that others could post any that they find.

    Some Context : This was taken by a friend of mine, I had not even talked to this player within a week of when this was taken and had absolutely no clue that we had a "scheduled" 1v1 to happen. I found it quite funny that they decided to use me of all people as an excuse to leave a match right before taking the loss.

    EDIT : This is me confronting him about it :
    That's where I ended the conversation. It didn't seem like it was going anywhere. Hopefully this stops him from using me as an excuse in the future. (Also for those wondering, yes I did sort of feel like a dick after putting him in an awkward situation like this but I still do feel like it'll help him avoid these kinds of mistakes in the future.)

    Feel free to post any funny excuses that you guys have seen ranging anywhere from an excuse to leave right before getting a loss, an excuse to spam grenades, etc.

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  2. Depression

    Depression Gold Miner

    UPDATE : I added the part where I confronted him about it. FeelsBadMan.
  3. NightShade

    NightShade Iron Miner

    Lol what if they honestly just did have to go?
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  4. KA0SDestroyer

    KA0SDestroyer Gold Miner

    Ummm He lied. Mystijel never asked him to 1v1.

    And yea i have seen alot of people quit to avoid their loses. I have many times seen a vip swap teams when their team is losing by like 30, only to still lose. Its pretty funny when it happens since they obviously wanted to win.
  5. ToKsuicR

    ToKsuicR Mod

    I hate when all the VIPs swap to one team just to win. Even as a good pvper, I have no chance against a flock of VIPs.
    Oh, excuses... I am mostly the one to use them:
    Player: "yo, Guard, 1v1?"
    Me: "Nah."
    Player: "Why not?"
    Me: "I don't wanna."

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  6. Infectious

    Infectious Gold Miner

    I love you. Ur like my favorite Helper on this server.
  7. gt0403

    gt0403 Tree Puncher

  8. Twiggy

    Twiggy Admin

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