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Come Check out my builds!

Discussion in 'Creative' started by ArcticFreeze, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. ArcticFreeze

    ArcticFreeze First Step

    Hi Yall, I play most of the gamemodes and have made some builds in creative that some people might think is cool, you can check them out while im online by TPing to me vwbus1979 and I can show you around. Im good enough to build some cool looking things but not become a builder. The buildings you will see arent my design so the credits dont go to me. I just spread the designs I think are nice from some friends of mine across servers. I own five plots and have 2 of them filled with stuff so check it out sometime!
  2. Spazboy99

    Spazboy99 Blaze Estinguisher

    Skyblock Angel
    You buy master perks in creative? or Legend? I glad to visit. You can do screenshot of your building upload on imgur then share to this comments. We can look it up.. ----- Uh oh, one person want me do this too. So thank reminder myself xD