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Store & Quality of Life Updates

Discussion in 'News' started by Maarten, Apr 17, 2017.

By Maarten on Apr 17, 2017 at 10:49 PM
  1. Maarten

    Maarten Owner

    Store Updates

    We have decided it was time to add some much-needed content to the store and make some changes to current content to make it more enjoyable. We have many more cool things planned for our store such as tags, medals, pets, emotes & much more. The following were added to the store today:
    • ZombieV Money Boosters (If you have an x2 and x5 booster active at the same time, you will earn 10x money.)
      • x2 Money Booster (1 Hour)
      • x5 Money Booster (1 Hour)
      • x2 Money Booster (12 Hour)
      • x5 Money Booster (12 Hour)
    • Spawner Pickaxes these one-time use pickaxes can be used to mine any spawner
      • Added on Survival
      • Added on Skyblock
    • Kit PvP
      • God Apples per 10 or 32
      • God Weapon set
      • God Armor set
      • Kill Crate keys per 5 or 20
    Quality of Life Updates

    We have made a lot of improvements to make your experience on Snapcraft as good as possible!
    • Fixed an issue where ZombieV VIPs could not join full arenas
    • Fix some small but notable lag spikes in the ZombieV lobby
    • Added disposal signs in the Survival /warp end
    • We have added a new set of messages linking new players to a guide of specific servers to help them get started - hopefully to reduce questions - and increase the player count.
    • Legendary crates no longer hold mcMMO EXP books, seeing as most people thought this reward was pointless
    • Factions kit cooldowns have been reduced massively
    • Factions teleport timer has been reduced from 5 to 2
    • Fixed teleport glitching into bases on factions; which means you can no longer teleport into water, lava, or inside of blocks.
    • Skyblock teleport timer has been completely removed
    • Fixed an issue where players were using /espawn to bypass the combatlog on kitpvp
    • Survival, Skyblock & Factions now have kit preview signs.
    • Correctly renamed the nether star on parkour to Warp Menu
    • Completely redid and buffed Skyblock kits
    • Added buttons to refill anvils on both Factions & Survival
    • LBB & EG both have a new feature that will show your opponent's health in chat when hit by an arrow
    • LBB & EG both have a health bar above your hot bar of the player you are fighting
    Lastly, if you have any suggestions for any updates for both in-game or for the store post them below, I am looking forward to hearing all of your feedback!
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Discussion in 'News' started by Maarten, Apr 17, 2017.

    1. Legitmon
    2. QueenOfSass
    3. ToKsuicR
    4. Ashie
    5. kyradawn
      I came in like a new update!
      I'll celebrate with chocolate cake!
      All we wanted was a +1 rate!
      Snapcraft you, complete me!
    6. StarryOmen
      Me too. WOOT!
    7. GaulieeR
      MC Kyra
    8. Twiggy
      Good job Maart :-D
    9. Teodorvk1
    10. Infectious
      Yay!! I kinda did bring up the health check thing so YAS
    11. Ashie
      Some things I'd like to see getting added/removed on Skyblock;
      Custom enchants - always fun with new things.
      Possibly a bigger PVP arena - so actual fights can possibly happen without falling into the void in 3 seconds.
      Perhaps a shorter cooldown on /fix?
      Possibly remove /disguise in pvp -
      Very annoying since you can disguise while in combat.
      The ability to join multiple islands (perhaps for ranked players) - So you can help your friends out for example.
      Bigger islands?
      A reward at the end of the parkour course at spawn?
      Enderman spawner/End dimension
      - Enderpearl farms.
      /Kit spawner - Where you have a chance at getting a random spawner - 1 month cooldown?
      Fix so you get the bonus hearts from your player levels.
      Remove the food from the crate keys.
      The ability to kick/ban players from your nether -
      A lot of people complain about not being able to kick people from their nether, so that would be nice.
      Put Looting III/IV on Rare/Legendary Axes - It's nice if you have an axe that you grind with.
      /Party - Every server with McMMo has /party besides skyblock.
      Last edited: Apr 18, 2017
    12. Bunny_Rabbits
      All of those are great ideas!!
    13. Twiggy
      Add a few more characters for nicknames on Parkour. Find there's too few allowed once you factor in colour codes and your special characters (italics, bolds, underlines etc).
    14. Air_Racer64
    15. ProfPumpkin
      Cool, but for /d can you add /d rabbit in every server (example skyblock) and also in the nether (this is VERY annoying to me) that you can't/can add pvp in certain areas that you picked! That can be only the people who own the island nether but you can pve anytime in the nether. If you rename (say cake) as Choc. (Chocolate) Cake would change the texture that every player can see also swords too so practically I'm trying to say that you can change the items (excluding keys and spawners)
      by renaming the item, I know it would be hard to put that but just do cakes and apples
      Last edited: Apr 18, 2017
    16. ProfPumpkin
      Also when 1.12 comes out or sumthin' can you make the colors (wool) brighter?
    17. crazygurlisshy
      A few suggestions I have for SkyBlock are:
      • Add a new disguise for the SkyGod rank; in the past they had the Enderdragon disguise but it got removed, so why not replace it with something like a horse or guardian?
      • /party for McMMO would be nice, it is in the other servers and it would help for people who share an island with someone and wants to share McMMO as well.
      • A new PvP arena, I think the current one is a bit small and there are not really many vantage points to shoot a bow or sneak up on someone.
      • Disabling PvP in the nether, it can be a bit frustrating to grind with a friend and accidentally kill them in the process.
      • Anvils in the spawn area; right now you have to have an anvil placed on your island if you want to use one, also all other servers have anvils in the spawn area.
      • Adding a rabbit spawner to the grinder at spawn, there is basically every passive mob except rabbits.
      • The ability to be trusted to another island would be nice for if you want to help a friend but have an island of your own.
      • Bonus hearts and damage to be added back.
      • Getting rid of food in crates, with the grinder at spawn I don't see a point to need food in a crate if you can use the grinder.
      • /shop to be fixed, right now either you have to do /shop shop, /warp shop, or go to spawn to use the shop.
      • Possibly make islands bigger so the bedrock is in the center of the island. (Like I am sure it is supposed to be.)
    18. ProfPumpkin
      For skyblock are
      When you do a reset the spawners are automaticity in your echests
      With echests we can upgrade them with in-game money
      New /disguises Rabbit, horses, guardian, endermen and more!
      More islands resets
      Add shulker boxes before you to the reset that everyone gets worked up about
      Last edited: Apr 20, 2017
    19. Ashie
      Shulkers are 1.9 items and skyblock is currenctly running on 1.8, kinda hard to get them. ^^