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o no its the Russians.

Discussion in 'Earth Games' started by Infectious, Apr 29, 2017.

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  1. jasonstover9

    jasonstover9 Zombie Killer

    Parkour Pro
    um, that is illegal. It can get his Mojang account deactivated. Mojang is very against especially suicide references and LGBT messages (weather true or not is no ones buisness nor a discussion to have in any forum or game). That is something you guys need to get fast proof of. Staff will very quickly stop that all together. Because snapcraft could get into hot water with stuff like that.
  2. _P_

    _P_ Gold Miner

    I'll be dead honest here... I am a bit confused as to what you seek with this tread ._.
    Like at first it looks like you do want to report this but then you say you don't...

    And if I may, but this is my own point of view. I find it a bit exaggerated. Sure will never say bullying or being rude is okay. Here it's the same. It's just not fun and can be hurtful...
    But when I started to read your thread I though I would see images of 10 or 15 people going against you telling you to kys.

    (Also stating you are "the nicest guy here" is a bit of a strecht ain't it my man? :-P)
  3. Ticktockitsabacc

    Ticktockitsabacc Tree Puncher

    He has an alt. It's mattoconnor
  4. Spazboy99

    Spazboy99 Blaze Estinguisher

    Skyblock Angel
    Sorry. I understood your feeling. The best way to ignore them and enjoy your game. :)
  5. Jedz

    Jedz Admin

    Please do not comment on threads older than 2 weeks. -Thread Locked-
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