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Skyblock Changes & Reset

Discussion in 'News' started by Maarten, May 2, 2017.

By Maarten on May 2, 2017 at 8:27 PM
  1. Maarten

    Maarten Owner

    Skyblock Changes & Reset

    We have made a lot of improvements to make your experience on Snapcraft Skyblock as good as possible!
    • A brand new spawn with the following new features
      • Anvils have been added to spawn
      • A larger information area has been added (/warp info)
      • Quick teleport NPCs have been added
      • Island warp NPC has been added to make it a more notable feature
      • A more complete enchanting area has been added to spawn
      • We have added an Enchanter NPC where you use tokens to enchant weapons, armor & tools
      • An Artifact NPC has been added where you can sell artifacts(artifacts are new rare drops)
      • A bigger and a more challenging parkour(/warp parkour)
    • A brand new PvP arena where you can't suicide
    • PvP is now by default off in the Nether
    • Level bonuses are fixed
    • Amazing new island challenges & rewards have been added
    • Using /warp will now bring up an interface showing all the warps
    • When teleporting to the PvP arena, you will now be teleported to a "safe" platform rather than inside of the arena
    • New scoreboard design to boost your fps
    • Added a way to get lava back from obsidian by right clicking your empty bucket on the obsidian
    • Increased the hopper limit to 60 per island
    • Increased the spawner limit from 10 to 20
    • Shop changes
      • Buffed sell prices for farmables
      • Lowered prices for God apples in the shop
      • Shop is now openable using /shop
      • Using /warp shop will now open the shop
      • Added back arrows to the shop
      • Added a sell all feature to all shops
    • Added a new magic cobblestone generator based on your island level
      • 500 Island score will slightly increase chance of ores
      • 1000 Island score will greatly increase the chance of ores
      • 1500 Island score will massively increase the chance of ores
    • Reworked trading feature added some useful ways to prevent scamming (/trade)
      • Added banknotes which are used to withdraw money into paper (/withdraw <amount>)
      • Added a way to bottle your exp (/xpbottle <amount>)
    • Island settings are now changeable per island (/is settings)(on your island)
      • PvP is only toggleable by VIP+ and up
    • Added permissions to lock your island (/is lock)
    • Added permissions to add coop to your island (/is coop)
    • Completely redid and buffed Skyblock kits
    • Eagle rank has been added, see Store Updates for more info
    Skyblock Store Updates

    We have added some extra items to our store
    • Eagle rank
      • The ability to use /god
      • Bigger islands 150 instead of 100
      • 20 member limit
      • A new kit for the eagle rank /kit eagle
      • 6 Row ender chest
      • 7x 6 Row player vault (/pv 1-7)
      • Link the item in your hand into chat using [Item]
      • Talk in chat with color
      • Rename your island using /is name <name>
    • Added island expansions
      • 150x150 Island expansion
      • 200x200 Island expansion
      • 250x250 Island expansion
    • Angel rank no longer loses hunger on their island
    • All ranks now come with a player vaults (/pv)
    • Added Enchant tokens to the store
    Lastly, if you purchased any items in the past week you can create a ticket to reclaim them.
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Discussion in 'News' started by Maarten, May 2, 2017.