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Summer Sale Error?

Discussion in 'Factions' started by JoshOyenBeats, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. JoshOyenBeats

    JoshOyenBeats First Step

    Okay so I am an Overlord which I bought for $40 a couple days ago without the sale. Now I see that the Hero rank is $20 from Overlord to Hero. But my friend says Hero is only $50 for them which would make it $10 less for them compared to me. I don't get it. They get to pay $50 for Hero perks, Overlord perks, and Lord perks, while Overlords have to pay $20 which would make it $60 in total ($40 Overlord Rank + $20 Hero Rank on "Sale").
  2. JWok

    JWok Tree Puncher

    Survival Ultra
    Can I assume your friend is lower ranked then you are? If so, then it makes sense the total price will be lower for him. He will get discount over a larger upgrade path then you will. You will only receive a discount over the Overlord to Hero path. You wont receive any discount over whatever rank you already have.
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