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How to earn free Ranks, Keys & More

Discussion in 'News' started by Maarten, Aug 3, 2017.

By Maarten on Aug 3, 2017 at 9:21 PM
  1. Maarten

    Maarten Owner

    How to earn free Ranks, Keys & More

    You can watch short 15-30 second video advertisements to earn 1 Gem every time you complete the video. You can use these gems to buy anything on https://snapcraft.net/store Use "/rewards" in-game to get your vouchers and check your gem balance.

    Simple Tutorial:
    • Disable your AdBlocker
    • Click on the ad-link provided in-game to open your personalized link containing your UUID
    • View and complete the video to earn 1 Gem
    • Use the command "/rewards" to view statistics and purchase your desired items
    • You have to be online for your gems to be credited to your account
    Basic Commands:
    • /adlink - Gives a clickable link in chat
    • /rewards - Brings up the menu
    • /gems - Shows your balance
    • /adrewards list - Lists all your voucher codes
    TIP: You can get a browser extension that refreshes your browser to view the ads and set the recommended interval to 95 seconds. The adlink will have to be your active tab on your browser in order for this to work. If you have multiple accounts, you can split the browser tabs so each of them is running separately. There is also a sound mute tab extension as well if you don't want to hear the ads play every time.

    FAQ / Common Issue:

    Q: Why can't I get a video ad?
    A: The advertisement delivery technologies in the system we use doesn't quite have a global reach, meaning it'll be unavailable in some countries. We apologize for that, but it's something we, unfortunately, cannot resolve.
    Notice: It is normal at times where an ad cannot be found (Even for USA players). You'll have to keep on trying.

    Q: How many gems do I get per video?
    A: 1 gem per video watched.
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Discussion in 'News' started by Maarten, Aug 3, 2017.

    1. FredTubeHD
      Are u gonna make it global in maybe some months or is it just unfortunate for us who cant get free ranks :/
    2. Amsterdammer020
      is it usable in NL or only with VPN?
    3. The_Wurst_Tomato
      Could i use an auto refresher
    4. Maarten
    5. EpicAgentJ
      I tried, but it failed.
    6. The_Wurst_Tomato
      Ok thanks
    7. iHarris_
      It's kinda stressful to always have the ad link always say "no ad available". I live in the U.S. I've been trying to get these gems but I only get 15 gems a day because of this. Please reply to me if you can help thanks! :)
    8. hi_there
      why can the server sometimes not find "available ads"?
    9. DerpYoTV
      It is common that advertisement isn't found as there may be 2 reasons.
      1. the system detects that you've watched this ad. multiple times
      2. the system haves no more available ads. for you at the moment.
    10. Oliver M
      Oliver M
      why does it play a few then stop for ages?
    11. DerpYoTV
      Good question. Sometime the system could be clogged up as too many people are using it (watching ads.), so it could be a little delayed (it could get delayed up to an hour or so).
    12. hi_there
      I've been able to watch ads without any problems for a while now, but now I cant watch any ads at all. Is the ad page down or is there another problem?
    13. CasuallyAnnoying
      Does this work in Norway?
    14. EpicAgentJ
      This works anywhere. Do /adlink and your all set!
    15. Jedz
      It should do, if not you are allowed to use a VPN to watch ads.
    16. CasuallyAnnoying
      Alright, thank you for taking your time to reply, Jedz.
    17. Terminus_2409
      This is awesome, one question in addition:
      When it says i have reached the maximum ads for a day, how long do i have to wait exactly until i can watch the ads again? Because i found out earlier it isn't the same amount of time every time...
    18. EpicAgentJ
      Usually about a day.
    19. JustSimplySophie
      sadness I live in Europe and this never works for me rip
    20. Jedz

      Have you tried using a vpn?