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5 random facts about you!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic (Other)' started by Jedz, Sep 20, 2017.

  1. Kelcei

    Kelcei Iron Miner

    Another 5 facts:

    1. I'm a very shy person
    2. Once I get to know someone I won't shut up
    3. My favourite animals are cats and monkeys
    4. iOS11 refuses to update on my phone :-(
    5. I've dyed my hair 6 or 7 different times/colours

    @WagwanMate @jasonstover9 @Zoa @Jedz99 @an3rror
  2. WagwanMate

    WagwanMate Admin

    5 Facts:

    1. I have played Snapcraft (Obviously)
    2. I like playing Guitar I find it mildly enjoyable
    3. I have a cat
    4. I'm a big fan of the Helper Kelcei she's a god
    5. I like playing Skyblock ;-)
    (Tags no one because has no friends :'()
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  3. Emmmma

    Emmmma Skeleton Slayer

    Prison Brute
    10 Facts:
    1. I'm a sophomore in high school.
    2. My legit name is Emma, like that's whats on my birth certificate
    3. I can play 5 instruments, the flute, clarinet, piano, ukulele and the violin (even though I really suck at playing the violin)
    4. I have one younger sister.
    5. I lived in Raleigh, North Carolina for 1 and a half years and I hope to move back there and go NC State College of Veterinary Medicine.
    6. From ages 5-10 I would cut up a lemon into slices and eat the pulp/juice. (actually I still do this sometimes but not as often as I used to).
    7. I suck at dancing.
    8. My favorite kind of ice cream is Mint Chip.
    9. I want to be a Small Animal Veterinarian/Equine Physical Therapist as a career(s).
    10. My favorite kind of pie is chocolate pie.

    @GetRekted_KitPro @Kcin2 @Crysanna @berry cake @Apselicity
  4. iHarris_

    iHarris_ Tree Puncher

  5. Bunny_Rabbits

    Bunny_Rabbits Gold Miner

    Factions Immortal
    GuardeYard :v
    :mc1: Hi my name is Becky
    :mc2:I am from england
    :mc3:My favourite colour is blue
    :mc4:My eye colour is also blue
    :mc5:I actually don't like bunnies
    :mc6:I like huskies
    :mc7:I'm almost 17 years old
    :mc8:My favourite subject is maths
    :mc9:GuardeYard tagged me
    :mc1::mc0:I'm on sc rn and heres a screenshot of some noob standing next to me https://imgur.com/a/a5Ens

    @ToKsuicR @ToKsuicR @james claridge @Twiggy @~Crafter~
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  6. Zoa

    Zoa Iron Miner

    Factions Hero
  7. ToKsuicR

    ToKsuicR Creeper Hugger

    Another 15 go

    1) I don't like lies
    2) My favourite colour is white
    3) I'm 18 years old
    4) I just really got into java coding
    5) I use Eclipse Oxygen for coding
    6) I have made one simple console application so far
    7) I'm an artist
    8-) I'm bad at maths
    9) I am a big fan of BFDI (, BFDIA AND IDF8-)
    10) I'm going to vote for the first time tomorrow
    11) I have no special talent
    12) I just lost my best friend
    13) I'm always a downy although I don't want others to feel bad. It always just happens. That's me :c (sorry -)
    14) My favourite number is 75
    15) I rate this picture 10/10 for the model https://m.imgur.com/a/a5Ens
    @Emmmma @Maarten @Zoa the undersea coral @Jedz99 @cece_green
  8. ~Crafter~

    ~Crafter~ Ghast Hunter

    Prison Boss
    Another 5. I'm running out of things to say o-o

    1. The reason I got in to minecraft was because of PaulSoaresJr's Survive and Thrive videos.
    2. I used to play a little bit of CS:GO.
    3. My eye colour is blue.
    4. One of my favourite things to do is inform @Jedz99 that she's Australian.
    5. I like cake, a lot. :cake:

    @Jedz99 @dean142 @Bunny_Rabbits @TopNinja @kamalam
  9. Emmmma

    Emmmma Skeleton Slayer

    Prison Brute
    Another 5:
    1. My favorite thing for breakfast is waffles.
    2. I have 4 mice that I like to take care of.
    3. My middle name is my mom's first name.
    4. I'm really good at cooking and baking, like Bobby Flay good (jk not that good but ya know pretty good)
    5. I have two cats named Tom and Petite.

    @StarryOmen @Destanie @capjmac @KristianM @GeorgiePieMC
  10. Zoa

    Zoa Iron Miner

    Factions Hero
  11. Jedz

    Jedz Admin

    15 more facts:

    1. I have a really cute cat named Louie
    2. I first joined this server in 2013
    3. I joined the staff team in May this year.
    4. I have a strange accent
    5. I'm rubbish at pvp
    6. I change my skin fairly often
    7. The only time I get mad is when I get called Australian
    8. My favourite emoji on the forums is this one: :v
    9. I'm running out of facts
    10. I hate running
    11. I once came 8th in running.
    12. There were 8 people running.
    13. I used to own all of the NOW cds
    14. I've only ever worn heels once
    15. I tripped over the whole night and my feet really hurt

    Tagging: @DaPolarBear @Legitmon @_P_ @crazygurlisshy @Jaide Hellspur
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  12. _PaniK

    _PaniK Zombie Killer

    Factions Lord
    1. I love all animals
    2. I love making new friends :-D
    3. I have 2 older siblings
    4. My bday is in less then a week :3
    5. I like running
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  13. AshlandGaming

    AshlandGaming Tree Puncher

    1) I don't smell funny.
    2) I watch MLG sometimes.
    3) I don't use Windows because I hate it.
    4) I like Linux.
    5) I prefer dogs instead of cats.
    6) I listen to Heart

    You asked for 5 but never mind :-P
  14. AshlandGaming

    AshlandGaming Tree Puncher

    Jedz, are you telepathic? I'm rubbish at PvP as well (go to KitPVP and do /stats AshlandGaming) and I never change my skin.
  15. GonnaSnipeUM8

    GonnaSnipeUM8 First Step

    Even though I haven't been tagged, might as well do mine xD

    1. I am a speedcuber, if you don't know what that is, it's basically solving a Rubik's cube as fast as you can, but it gets really complicated. My fastest time is 12 seconds, and if you need proof I have vids ;-)
    2. I am the leader of my highschool's VEX robotics team
    3. I have 4 siblings, and if you ever get into a call with me and I randomly leave, that's probably why :XD:
    4. I have two adorable cats, one of which sleeps in my bed and gets sad/meows when he can't find me
    5. I usually play skyblock, and honestly I am really quiet and only talk when spoken to or find something I can survive to talk about without being awkward

    That being said, feel free to message me anytime, and I'm starting to play survival and EG more so you might see me there too :-P
  16. EpicAgentJ

    EpicAgentJ Void Walker

    Survival VIP+

    lol. Hello there.
  17. EpicAgentJ

    EpicAgentJ Void Walker

    Survival VIP+
    5 random facts about me:

    1. I am a male.
    2. I am wealthy.
    3. I am usually on survival, prison, zombies, and skyblock.
    4. I am a "night-stalker". This means that I can catch those who hack at night.
    5. I am currently trying to make friends with mods.
  18. CoxBrothers

    CoxBrothers Emerald Miner

    Survival VIP+
    1. I'm over six feet tall (6' 1/4" lololol)
    2. I have 4 siblings (all brothers)
    3. I like playing overwatch (and many other games) as well as minecraft
    4. I have a second degree black belt in taekwondo
    5. I have an unhealthy obsession with chocolate (I mean who doesn't?)

    Anyone I would have mentioned are either inactive or have already gone lol
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  19. Kath

    Kath Creeper Hugger

    Creative Legend
    What type of chocolate is your favorite?
  20. CoxBrothers

    CoxBrothers Emerald Miner

    Survival VIP+
    Milk chocolate I guess? Idk, I like all chocolate lol