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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by LegalSense, Apr 12, 2014.


Is this a good idea?

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  1. LegalSense

    LegalSense Void Walker

    Hello fellow players of snapcraft. It is late at night and I recently got bored. So I just created a mini forum navigator, but that's in your signature. Basically they are seperate links so when you click on them, they take you directly to that type of forum section.And as you can see, it is in my signature as well. Here is how it would look like:

    Found a rule breaker? Want to report them? Click on me!
    Don't remember the rules? Need a refresher? Click on me!
    Just got banned? Want to get back on the server? Click on me!
    Found a bug? Want to report it? Click on me!
    Want to support the server? Want to get cool perks? Click on me!
    Want to become a staff member? Click on me!
    Have a good suggestion? Have feedback about the server? Click me!
    Want to introduce yourself? Leaving the server? Click me!
    Anything else that isn't here? Want to get to the forums? Click me!

    I just thought it might by a good idea to put this in your signature. So instead of skimming through the entire forums, you can easily click on the link of a players signature and they will be taken directly to the type of section they want to go to. These links do work as I have tested them my self. It's optional to put this in your signature, but I just thought it might be a good idea. It would be (kinda) easier to navigate through the forums.

    As I said, it is optional if you'd like to put this in your signature or not. Just copy and paste the links above and paste them in your signature, and they will work. I just did this because I got bored and it may be (a little) helpful.)And as said, feel free to copy and paste it. Hope you guys like,

  2. ForceSwift

    ForceSwift Diamond Miner

    Great idea!
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  3. LegalSense

    LegalSense Void Walker

    Thank you! It honestly only took me about 5 minutes or so to do this. It was pretty easy and I got bored :-P.