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Maintenance update

Discussion in 'News' started by Bas, Dec 23, 2017.

By Bas on Dec 23, 2017 at 3:21 PM
  1. Bas

    Bas BTS

    I'm here today to bring you very unfortunate news about the recent hard drive failures.

    What happened?
    Despite our attempts to recover all of the data from our databases, some of the data was corrupted to an extent that made it unrecoverable and we were not able to restore those databases. When our system dev tried recovering the databases from our backups we stumbled upon another huge issue- the way we back up the SQL data is deprecated and was ment for an older setup of our machines, this was not changed when we updated the software setup on all of our backend machines. This led to the SQL data from the backups being unusable.

    How could this happen?
    Hard drive failures are very rare but unfortunately do happen, our main database server had a hard drive failure causing all data on the server to be lost.
    We have recently made a lot of changes to the hardware and software setup on our backend servers to provide you with the best possible experience on our servers while ensuring as little downtime as possible. Unfortunately though, because we tried to maintain as little downtime as possible we have to do these kind of migrations very slowly over a couple of weeks so that you do not notice it happening and you can still enjoy playing on our servers. Because we were in the middle of the migration some of our systems (backup scripts) were running in a way that only worked to back up the SQL on our older backend servers.

    What about ZombieV?
    ZombieV will be online again in the first week of January.

    What data is lost?
    The following data is completely gone and we can not do anything to recover it
    • kitpvp_enderchest (Enderchest contents on KitPVP)
    • levels (All global levels)
    • permissions (All saved permissions & ranks)
    • points (Skill Points)
    • prison_enderchests (Enderchest contents on Prison)
    • prison_mcmmo (mcMMO levels on Prison)
    • skyblock_enderchests (Enderchest contents on Skyblock)
    • skyblock_mcmmo (mcMMO levels on Skyblock)

    What now?
    We have taken immediate measures to prevent this from happening in the future.
    All players will have lost their rank, but it can be reclaimed for free by emailing [email protected] with your lost ranks and in-game name.
    The server will be online again shortly after this has been posted.
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Discussion in 'News' started by Bas, Dec 23, 2017.

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    1. Tallulah
      Thankyou for letting us know, will we be able to reclaim what was in our enderchest?
    2. Asrielxxx
      Thanks for telling us, and appreciate the work you do to keep the server strong!
    3. nicholas_razor
      you guys are awesome and data crashes happen. We should all be fine as long as you guys keep working on it which I believe u will. Thanks for all the hard work!
    4. JWok
      What a crap occurrence and I wont elaborate on it, but poor fallback precautions :-(
      Will our lost xp levels be recovered? Will our perks be restored? Will our votes done today still be counted? Will the contents of the /echest be recovered? Will we regain access to the mines at /prison, I had access to mine X?
      Last edited: Dec 23, 2017
    5. sadlake2
      Tons of people had their god equipment in their echests including me. What are we to do now?
    6. XxBannaGirlxX
      I'm a person with about 5 ranks. How come we can't reclaim PRO on parkour or reclaim VIP on earthgames or our rank on skyblock?
    7. judeclark
      There probably should probably be some form of compensation for the level loss such as triple or quadruple exp for a week.
    8. EpicAgentJ
      This happened?! Oh no...
    9. Holden
      This is just.. WOW. I have dealt with hard drive failures before, It is terrible and isn't a good thing. I honor your Fowardness about the issue. Thank you so much for this.
    10. Holden
      Im sorry to say this, but I don't think you will be getting your Prison mine rank back, Don't quote me on this but you may have to just earn it back normally.
    11. JWok
      Thats just lame Holden, because of inadequate maintenance we loose our stuff ?!?
    12. EpicAgentJ
      Hey, it is the holidays. They are not machines, they are humans!
    13. JWok
      Got my ranks restored after emailing support. Other things are just stolen. Well done :S >:(
    14. judeclark
      Look, I understand that everybody losing their ranks and their hard-earned levels is annoying and while you should have every right to be slightly ticked off about it, at least don't go completely nuts over it - they're trying their best in a tough situation right now so at least treat the developers with some form of respect rather than cussing and screaming at them...
    15. EpicAgentJ
    16. JWok
      Things could've been avoided, the lack of restoring more than only ranks just baffles me.
    17. EpicAgentJ
      When I went on, I think the server is down. "Lost connection."
    18. HXK
      I understand they are humans but they are running a server in an unprofessional way! Believe me here, Snapcraft earn a hell of a lot of money, cant they re-invest some of that into the server ffs?
    19. JWok
      Agree on that HXK
    20. Damalz
      The items in the additionally enderchest rows doesnt restore?
    21. EpicAgentJ
      True. You can blame them though. But yes, they should check in at least for 5 minutes to see how everything is doing though, in my personal opinion.
    22. FirstDuchess
      Mannnnn this bites. I hope there is someway to make a ticket/post about things we lost from our echest. All my good picks and repair tokens were in there.

      Edit: is there any way the hard drive failure could have reset survival? Cos I'd love that.
      Last edited: Dec 23, 2017
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