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Survival expansion

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Terminus_2409, Feb 14, 2018.

  1. Terminus_2409

    Terminus_2409 First Step

    Survival VIP
    Dear community,

    I wanted to ask something due to an increasing number of people saying survival is getting boring. Survival can be fun, but i think a lot of those who played it a long time see the problem, that there are only a few things to do and to get (Building, money, resources). And this is basically it.

    Now i wanted to ask if we may make the survival world a little bit more interesting.
    I am thinking about a kind of role playing element. We could make some sort of war between guilds. And some guilds could make a friendship to create even bigger nations/groups.
    And we could split up the entire world by 4 different nations.
    For example:
    - The Rangers:
    Legendary masters of the bow, life mainly in the forest, protect nature and are an overall peaceful civilization. They are fast and quiet. If they have an target, they go in, handle it, and they go out without being seen. Their number one weapon is the bow of course and they only wear leather armor, colored green, to make themselves invisible in the forest. (This is where i would be :-P)
    - Knights:
    Highly offensive, strong and heavily armored "tanks" that will only rest when their target is dead. They are fighting for justice and like to attack in a big group. Their hiding place is a big massive castle or bunker where nobody has a chance of going in or out without permission.
    - Magicians:
    They like to threw potions at their targets, fight with swiftly enchanted swords and axes, and they like to create chaos with traps and illusions. They also live quite a lot in the forest but can also settle in close range to a rover or small sea. Of course they are also healing masters, because of potions and good knowledge of nature.
    - And something else (like Hunters, Monks, Priests etc...)

    There are also a lot of RPG-style plug-ins for servers to create special skills and abilities for each of those classes. If this is going to be a thing, you have to consider this plug-in.

    So... how do you like this idea. Even without the plug-in we could create awesome gameplay. War between certain guilds or nations (by e.g. saving their coordinates to fight them and spy on them), and few others who try to bring peace. Therefore we could make survival a bit more interesting to play. Im sure this way we could extract a few more months of gameplay fun out of the game.

    A lot of players in-game already said it would be awesome! So if you like this idea, we could try to do it that way (maybe with the help of the admins even with plug-in).

    Kind regards,
  2. Dutchy

    Dutchy Zombie Killer

    Survival Ultra
    I am a survival player myself. And my personal opinion is to not implement this. I own a guild myself (Inferno) and we do not focus on fighting others at all. We mostly care about each other and everyone being able to do whatever they want to. Making something like this would make me feel forced to do something I don't stand for. I don't want to fight others. I just want to live peacefully and create a group of people in which we can have fun and be there for each other. But as I said earlier, this is just my personal opinion.
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  3. EpicAgentJ

    EpicAgentJ Void Walker

    Survival VIP+
    I like survival the way it is, I don't want to see it turning into a mystical RPG game. Also, we don't want to make this factions as well with all of the pvp-ing. It's supposed to be peaceful and normal, not mainly PVP. My opinion.
  4. Emmmma

    Emmmma Skeleton Slayer

    Prison Brute
    In my opinion, this is a cool idea, but I do not think it should be implemented on survival. This seems similar to a type of factions gameplay. Kind of like kitmap on other servers where you could make a faction and select a kit you wanted at spawn. I think adding this to survival would take away from the gameplay of survival, which is not totally focused on pvp. It would make an interesting, separate, gamemode.
  5. Terminus_2409

    Terminus_2409 First Step

    Survival VIP
    I mean yes... Factions is almost the same as survival, just is the point there that you raid and kill others... This would be great aswell!
  6. Joltz

    Joltz Mod

    Survival VIP+
    All survival needs to gain players interests now is to have a reset. So everyone can start fresh. I know certainly I would prefer that, and so would a lot of others.
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  7. Letboes

    Letboes Stone Miner

    Survival Ultra
    Joltz said already everything..
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