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Snapcraft Factions Guide

Discussion in 'Factions' started by Avokaii-Ethan, Mar 16, 2018.

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    Snapcraft Factions Guide

    What is Factions?

    Factions is quite similar to survival, however it also has its own unique style and twist! Factions is a team based game-mode in which you need to fight, raid, build farms, build bases and try to become the richest on the server! There is no limit to how many friends and teammates you can have in your faction, you can assign your best friends and teammates separate roles and even rename there “faction title” to assign them a member or a mod of your faction.

    But factions is not just about survival with pvp, it is warfare. Other factions can easily find your faction homes and bases, and if they have a stronger team they can take you down and destroy everything you have worked for. I will teach you not only the simple commands, but also how to survive and become the top faction of the server.

    I will try to divide this into separate sections for new players who might not feel like reading all the way through this thread, i will begin with what i feel are the most important subjects and work my way to some that might not be needed as much but are still useful.

    Detailed explanations for each topic below (Click on the boxes to open the explanations)


    In order to rise to the top and become the best faction you need to start by creating your own faction, you can use this command in game to create one - /f create <FactionName>. If you got the name incorrect, no worries you can change the name of your faction using the command - /f rename <NewName> or /f tag <NewName>, both of these commands work. If you want you can create a faction description, this description tells people a bit more about you and your faction but of course this can always be edited or changed in the future, you have the option weather or not to write one for your faction. To write a faction description you can use the command - /f desc <Description>.

    It is a possibility to have your faction open or closed so anyone can join or only people you invite can join, this is also your choice, you can open and close your faction using the command - /f open. This command can both open and close your faction however it can only be used every 2 minutes so be careful! An open faction allows anyone on the server to join your faction whenever they want, a closed faction requires an invitation to join.

    You also have the opportunity to be a solo player if you would like, however i strongly do not recommend it. I will try to inform you about the importance and advantages of having a large amount of people in your faction instead of just one or two players. You can invite players using this command - /f invite <PlayerName>. I advise you invite trustworthy people and friends, if you make a mistake and invite the wrong person there is no need to worry you can revoke there invitation by using the command - /f deinvite <PlayerName> before they accept the invitation. Anyone could easily steal your belongings and items, grief your base and leave while you aren’t online so make sure the people you invite are trustworthy. If you receive an invitation from a faction you wish to join, you can join the faction by using the command - /f join <FactionName>.

    In a faction there are 3 types of players, we start with the leader of the faction. The leader is as expected, he’s the creator of the faction and has access to all governing commands to do with the faction. Then there are the faction moderators, the moderators share a handful of the commands that the leader has but not all. Lastly there are the normal faction members who don’t have access to any of the commands to do with the faction. If you are the leader of the faction and you wish to give up leadership of your faction to someone else, you can use the command - /f leader <PlayerName>. Moderators are able to use some of the commands as i mentioned such as inviting players, claiming land and kicking players who do not have moderator in the faction. You can select your moderators by using the command - /f mod <PlayerName>. Choose your moderators wisely, as people can easily unclaim all your protected land without you knowing. Normal members build up the structure of the faction, these players can gear up and fight like any normal player and they also have access to the faction protected lands. All of the new players that join your faction are normal members by default.

    A fun feature to include in your faction is to give faction titles to your members and moderators, leaders and moderators are able to assign themselves and others in the faction a title, however moderators can not set a title for the leader of the faction. To do this you can use the command - /f title <PlayerName> <Title>. Titles are pretty much just nicknames but they provide a neat aspect for your faction.

    But what if your faction is unsuccessful or not really working out? Don’t worry, you can delete your faction and restart by using the command - /f disband. However if its only you who wants to stop playing, you can. Simply use the command - /f leave, and what if a player in your faction is not following the rules or misbehaving? You can use the command - /f kick <PlayerName> to remove the player from the faction, moderators and leaders can use this command.

    By now you probably are looking to start building your bases and protecting your land right? So, Lets jump right into the next section!


    Land that is claimed for your faction is completely protected, meaning anyone who is not in your faction cannot build, use, open or break any of the things inside the claimed region apart from being able to open chests, everyone can open your chests so make sure you have them well protected! So, to start claiming you can use this command - /f claim, this will claim the chunk of land you are standing in for your faction. Each single chunk of claimed land is a 16x16 piece extending from bedrock level all the way into the sky limit. Allies, neutrals, and people without a faction can’t hurt you if you are inside of your claim, however enemies can, i will explain these terms more later on. You can also use the command - /f autoclaim to claim land as you are walking across each chunk, this command will both toggle auto-claiming on and off. Auto claiming is not recommended as you can easily lose track of what you are claiming however if you feel that it is easier for you then go ahead! Another claiming command you can use is - /f claim <Number>, for example typing /f claim 2 will claim the chunk you're standing on and one more each direction from you, meaning it's 2 claims away from the one you're standing on. (the number you put will be the block you're standing on and the left over amount, doing /f claim 3 will claim the one you're on and 2 extra around you). If you have claimed the wrong piece of land or messed up your claiming you can easily remove it by using the command - /f unclaim. This command will remove the chunk of claimed land that you are standing in, if you want to restart your claiming process you can use the command - /f unclaimall, this will unclaim all claimed land over the world so be careful when using this command as you could lose everything. To prevent insiding there is an extra command you can use as the leader of your faction, you can owner claim chunks of land meaning you and the moderators of your faction can touch what is inside of the owner claimed chunk, you can claim more than one of these by using the command - /f owner <PlayerName>. you can indeed add trustworthy co owners to this chunk, just use the same command as before.

    After you have finished raiding and collecting resources or even fighting in spawn how will you get back to your base to store your new items and armour? Don’t worry you can use the command - /f sethome to set a home for your faction, The leaders and moderators can only set an f home. Remember you can only set an f home in your factions claimed land, all members can use the /f home command to teleport back to the faction home or base. You can also use the command - /f setwarp <WarpName>. This will set a warp for your faction to access using the command - /warp <WarpName>, these warps cost 5000$ to install into your faction claims and they cost 1000$ to remove. You are limited to 5 of these faction warps so make sure you use then wisely. Whenever you are exploring for a place to build your base or raid another faction you are walking along chunks, if you stroll into yours or another factions land there will be a message that comes up in your chat box reading weather or not the land is yours, a neutral factions, or an enemies. I recommend using the command - /f map or /f map on. This will show the territorial land map and help you to get an understanding for what factions own the land around yourself and the wilderness. Faction claims are represented using a forward slash and in the top left hand corner of the map it will read the name of the faction that has claimed there.


    In snapcraft factions, power is the core strength of your faction. Each chunk of land you claim costs one power. Everyone has 20 power so each person can individually claim 20 chunks of land using that power. For everyone who joins the faction, the power of your faction will increase or decrease depending on that players power, however the maximum power of the faction will increase by 20 as that is the player that player should have. Here are some examples to help you:

    Example one: You currently have 2 people in your faction with both of your power sitting at 20, so max power. So your maximum faction power is 40. You invite someone to your faction and his power is 10, your maximum faction power increases by 20 as thats the power he should have. But because his power is 10 your current faction power increases by 10, which means your faction power now sits at 50.

    Example two: Again you currently have 2 people in your faction with both of your power sitting at 20, so max power. So your maximum faction power is 40. However this time you invite someone there power is -5, your maximum faction power increases by 20 like last time. But this time because his power is -5 your current faction power decreases by 5, which means now your power sits at 35.

    Losing power is because of death, you usually lose 4 power when you die. Losing power can cause you and your faction to be over-claimed and you can lose your land or base, by dying you have a chance to push your faction power below your land power, this means that your base can be over claimed by enemies which you don’t want, you could lose everything. I recommend not claiming land to the full maximum power you have, as players tend to die and make mistakes, and you don't want just a couple deaths destroying your faction. Here are some examples to help you with this part:

    Example one: You currently have a faction of 4 people and everyone in your faction have 20 power, your max power sits at 80 and you have a base using 20 chunk claims, this allows you and your faction members to die a few times and your base isn’t able to be over claimed by enemies.

    Example two: Again you have a faction of 4 people and everyone in your faction have 20 power, your max power still sits at 80 but you have a base expanding across 80 claimed chunks of land, this means if one person in your faction dies you lose can be over claimed and you will lose everything.

    Now that you have your players and the outline of your faction ready, you should probably check out your faction stats. You can use the command - /f show or /f who, both of these commands will allow you to check your faction data. You should see a type of format in this order when you do that command: Name, Description, Joining Settings, Power, Founded, Land Value, Balance, Relationships, Online Players, Offline Players. The most important one we are looking at for power is the third one down, its shown as - Land / Power / MaxPower. You will see some numbers next to this section, for example “9 / 22 / 40” this refers to the text so - 9 is land claimed, 22 is faction power, and 40 is max power. This is very important for keeping your faction safe it allows you to see whats going wrong with your faction. You can see other peoples faction power by using the command - /f show <FactionName> or /f who <FactionName>. You can hover over a players name in the faction stats to view their last time online, rank and balance, you can also use the command /f power <PlayerName>, this command allows you to see the power that others have in your faction. With the balance section in the faction stats make sure you don’t get mistaken with the fact that balance shows your current balance not faction balance.


    I have previously mentioned relationships in factions, so now its time to walk you through the relationships of snapcraft factions. So, in factions there are three types of relationships: Allies, Neutrals, and Enemies. When two factions are allied faction members from both factions are unable to harm one another and they cannot interact with items such as doors and dispensers in each others land and they can’t place or break blocks in each others claimed land. To become allies with a faction, you can use the command - /f ally <FactionName>.

    Neutral factions are factions with people you don’t know and/or don’t want to ally or enemy. Neutrals cannot attack you in your claimed territory nor can they interact with items such as doors and dispensers in each others land and they can’t place or break blocks in each others claimed land. New factions created are neutral to your faction by default, However if you would like to make an enemy or ally a neutral you can use the command - /f neutral <FactionName>.

    Truced factions are factions with members that you possibly don't trust as much as you would with /f ally, with this relationship you won't be able to attack each other which could be useful for capturing KoTHs and pvping together! - /f truce <FactionName>.

    When a faction declares another faction as an enemy, both factions become enemies with each other. Once enemies factions can both harm each other in enemy territory. But you still cannot build or break blocks and interact with items such as dispensers and doors in enemy territory, declaring someone as an enemy is a crucial part of raiding. Don’t forget to enemy a faction before try to attack them or you will make yourself look like a noob! In enemy territory you are unable to use commands such as: /spawn, /home and /sethome, So be prepared! To declare a faction an enemy you can use the command - /f enemy <FactionName>.

    In factions there are multiple chatting zones, to use these you can use the command - /f chat p. This puts you into public chat mode, for you to talk to anyone on the server. To only communicate with your faction, you can use the command - /f chat f, this is essentially a private faction chat. To talk with your allies privately you can use the command - /f chat a.

    Here are a handful of helpful commands that i have not already mentioned to help you along your way in factions! :-D

    /f list - Shows a list of factions with the most people online.
    /f top - Shows the top 10 factions on the server.
    /tntfill - Fills a dispenser with tnt from your inventory.
    /party create <Name> [Password] - Creates a party for friends that aren’t in your faction.
    /sethome <Name> - Sets a home where you are standing players get more homes depending on the rank.
    /f help <Number> - list of helpful faction commands on the server.
    /spawn - Sends you to spawn.
    /shop shop - Opens instant shop menu.
    /back - Sends you to the position you were last standing in before you teleport (Rank needed).
    /hat - Places item of choice on your head (Lord rank needed).
    /ci - Clears your inventory (Lord rank needed).
    /d - Lists all disguises you can use with your rank (Lord rank needed).
    /d <Mob> - Disguises player as a chosen mob (Lord rank needed).
    /mcstats - Lists all your mcmmo skills and stats.
    /echest - Opens your enderchest from anywhere in the world (Immortal rank needed).
    /pv 1 - Opens personal player vault (Immortal rank needed).
    /kit - Shows you the kits you have access to with your rank.
    /warp pvp - Teleports you to the pvp pit in spawn.
    /warp shop - Teleports you to the shop in spawn.
    /warp enchant - Teleports you the the enchantment tables in spawn.
    /warp anvil - Teleports you to anvils in spawn
    /warp donate - Teleports you to the ranks and commands with them in spawn.
    /warp help - Teleports you to help signs in spawn.
    /fix - Fixes item in your hand (Overlord rank needed).
    /fixall - Fixes all items in your inventory (Legend rank needed).
    /craft - Brings up crafting table from anywhere (Rank needed).
    /pay <PlayerName> [Amount] - Gives another player money from your balance.
    /tpa [PlayerName] - sends a teleport request to another player in the server.
    /ah - Opens auction house for you to purchase items from other players.
    /ah sell <Amount> - Places item in your hand in the auction house for the amount you write down.
    /msg <PlayerName> [Message] - Messages another player.
    /r - Replies to a message received from another player.
    /buy - Opens a GUI for you to pick a server and buy a chosen rank for that server (prices included).
    /f stuck - Teleported after 30 seconds without taking damage to wilderness.
    /mctop - Lists the mcmmo top player skills level leaderboard.
    /inspect <PlayerName> - Brings up players mcmmo stats (You need to be within range).

    Base Protection and Destroyers:
    Obsidian takes 7 hits to destroy.
    Sponge takes 20 hits to destroy.
    TNT deals 1 Damage to Obsidian.
    Creeper Eggs deal 0 Damage to Obsidian.
    TNT deals 1 damage to Sponge.
    Creeper eggs deal 1 damage to Sponge.
    Wet Sponge works the same as dry sponge.

    If you have an issue please make a support ticket and inform us staff members here - https://snapcraft.net/support-tickets/open and I'm sure one of the friendly staff members will happily help you out with your issue!

    Thank you for reading, Have fun on snapcraft factions!

    Huge thanks to Callum for helping me out with some of the factors in factions.

    Ethan or Avokaii
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    Wow! This is very helpful, thanks you!
  3. Avokaii-Ethan

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    No problem, I'm glad it helped you out!
  4. Jedz

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    nice work Ethan <3

    ps you need to change “Wet Spogne” to “Sponge” lol
  5. Avokaii-Ethan

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    Thank you Alice! <3
    well noticed i will change that now, thanks for telling me
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    Well Done
  8. DesignLeeWolf17

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    I don't play much but nice to know a the commands!
  9. EggNever

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    Thanks for the guide. However, the guide above does not include details about /f perm permissions. The current Factions plugin documentation does not match the /f perm permissions available on the Factions Snapcraft server. Is there an /f perm guide for the Factions Snapcraft server (or can one be created please)?
  10. Ashie

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    /f perm guide (by me)

    The perms are quite explanatory by just reading them as you go, if not you can ask in chat or go to snapcraft discord and get help there. (www.snapcraft.net/discord)

    To deny access in /f perms you right click the glass pane with your mouse and it should turn red.
    Deny access means they can’t use that perk in your faction claims.

    To allow access you left click the glass pane and it should turn green. Allowing access means they’re allowed to use the perks in your claims, which is why it’s important to set the right perms.

    To undefine access you middle click your mouse and it turns white again. This means you haven’t allowed/denied any perms.

    - Neutral -
    What’s recommended under this tab is
    > Deny
    Disable everything under that tab especially container. Deny container means players cannot open chests etc in your claims so they need to find a way to blow it up.

    - Enemy -

    Deny access on everything there is also recommended, you don’t want a lot of people to access your base and claims.

    - Truce -

    If they’re trusted enough you can set perms for your truces on what they’re allowed to use in your claims such as fly, doors, buttons etc. You can change perms later if needed.

    - Allies -

    Same here, what’s suggested here is to allow fly, container, button and doors simply for raids and trusted members to play together with you.

    — Recruit, members, mod, co-leader —

    These are different types of members to your faction, it’s fully up to you what perms they should have access to in your claims and faction in general. You can change perms later on if needed.

    Hope this helped a bit. PM me if you need more help :)
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    Hello, I have only recently joined and wish to enter the server. I have assigned a name to the server, added the IP mc.snapcraft.net and left port as 19132. What am I doing wrong that I cannot connect?
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  12. Maarten

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    Do not put any port at all or put 25565