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Skyblock Guide

Discussion in 'Skyblock' started by WagwanMate, Apr 21, 2018.

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    Skyblock Guide

    What is Skyblock?
    Skyblock is a Survival based gamemode. You start with a small starter island the size of 100x100 blocks (Island expansions can be bought from the store) You can build almost anything you want. Islands can be Coop with your friends or a larger team of 10.

    If you are at all confused or you don't know how this gamemode works: please read the following, using the dropdowns appropriate to the topic you are looking for, alternatively, take a look at the "FaQ" Section!

    Getting started
    The first command to start your Island is /is, this will bring up this menu:
    Each Island type has a different style island and items in the chest click the dropdown for more information or click on the following text to view what each Island looks like: Obsidian Sand Grass

    Black Diamonds (Obsidian)
    • 3 Diamonds
    • 1 Red Mushroom
    • 1 Brown Mushroom
    • 1 Pumpkin Seed
    • 1 Sugarcane
    • 1 Bone
    • 1 Melon
    • 1 Cactus
    Island Duo (Sand)
    • 2 Ice Blocks
    • 2 Torches
    • 1 Melon
    • 1 Bone
    • 1 Lava Bucket
    • 1 Pumpkin Seeds
    • 1 Sugarcane
    • 1 Red Mushroom
    • 1 Brown Mushroom
    • 1 Cactus
    • 1 Bread
    • 1 Wheat
    • 1 Iron Helmet
    • 1 Iron Chestplate
    • 1 Iron Leggings
    • 1 Iron Boots
    The Original (Grass)
    • 2 Ice Blocks
    • 2 Torches
    • 1 Melon
    • 1 Bone
    • 1 Lava Bucket
    • 1 Pumpkin Seeds
    • 1 Sugarcane
    • 1 Red Mushroom
    • 1 Brown Mushroom
    • 1 Cactus
    • 1 Bread
    • 1 Wheat
    • 1 Iron Helmet
    • 1 Iron Chestplate
    • 1 Iron Leggings
    • 1 Iron Boots

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    What level do I need to make a warp?
    Island level 50, check this by doing /is level. (Refer to "Island Warps" in this guide for more info on how to create the warp once you have Island Level 50!)

    Where can I find the Artifact collector and Mob Grinder?
    These are all located at spawn, you can quickly teleport around using /warp through our menu or /warp artifact, /warp grinder also work.

    How do I level my island?
    Placing different types of blocks can boost your island level in "Points", you can check the amount of points your island will gain by doing the command /is value whilst holding the item you're about to place.

    How do I add a friend?
    /is invite (username) will invite your friend and give them access to build etc, there may be a cooldown if they've left/joined other islands in the past hour or so.

    /is coop (username) will give your friend access to temporarily build and place on your island until you/they go offline or you remove it manually.

    /is makeleader (username) will make them the island leader instead of you and give them access to remove/add new members etc.
    Please be careful.

    What do I do if someone breaks the rules?
    Contact a staff member by going to the server they are on check by doing /who
    #2 Contact us through discord Click here
    #3 Open a ticket here under "Player Reports" Click here
    Please make sure you have appropriate proof before using these methods

    How do I earn money?
    Creation of farms or shops can mostly be found through /is warps, you can also sell stuff through /ah or /shop.

    How can I fly?
    You need Angel rank to fly, fly can be used anywhere except in /warp pvp.
    Purchase ranks at http://store.snapcraft.net/

    Why are my blocks placing weirdly?
    1.13 isn't fully supported yet so use 1.12.2

    Can I turn the scoreboard off?
    /ts will toggle the scoreboard on most of the servers on the network.

    Any ideas for FaQ questions to add to this thread, contact and Admin or the creator of the post.

    Control panel
    Go home (Grass)
    Bed (Set Island home)
    Sapling (Set biome)
    Experience bottle (Island level)
    Challenges (Book and quill)
    Team list (Skull)
    List of warps (Sign)
    Top 10 (Paper)
    Settings (Redstone Comparator)
    Once you have selected your island, you can create your own cobble generator, with the materials in the chest or the pre-setup one on your island. Here's how: Click here
    Cobblestone generators have the chance to randomly generate ores depending on your total Island score. You can check this by doing /is level.
    Accessed by doing /is if you already have an island

    Regular commands in game

    /is - Control panel/Starting command
    /is lang (ID) - Change the language of the GUI
    /is invite (username) - Invite someone to join your Island team\
    /is restart - Restart your island (Maximum of 3 island restarts)
    /is ban (player) - Ban someone from your island
    /is banlist - List all current banned members
    /is unban (player) - Unban someone from your island
    /is expel (player) - Kick someone from your island
    /is lock - Toggle the lock on your island this will stop players from teleporting and warping
    /is team - List everyone added to your island
    /is coop (player) - Temporarily add someone to your island until they or you log off (be careful)
    /is uncoop (player) - Remove temporary access from someone
    /is listcoops - Show a list of who's cooped to your island
    /is settings - Settings GUI
    /is biome - Biome GUI
    /is makeleader (player) - Give the Island to one of your team members
    /is kick (player) - Remove someone from your Island team
    /is accept/reject - Accept or Reject someone's offer to join their Island
    /is warp (player) - Warp to someone elses Island
    /is warps - Warps GUI
    /is go/home - Teleport to your island
    /is sethome - Set your Islands home location for YOU only
    /is top - Top 10 players with the highest scores
    /is value - Show the value of the item in your hand
    /is level - View the level of your island
    /is level (player) - View someone else's Island level
    /challenges - Island Challenges

    /ts - Toggles your scoreboard
    /restart time - Check how long until the server restarts
    /voteparty - Check how many votes are needed until the voteparty
    /msg (name) (message) - Message someone
    /mctop (skill) - List the top levelled players in each McMMO Skill
    /mctop - List the top levelled players in McMMO
    /mcstats - List your own stats
    /party create (name) (password) - Create a party
    /part join (player) (password) - Join someone else's party
    /bal - Displays your current balance
    /pay (player) (amount) - Takes money from your account and gives it to someone else
    /sethome - Sets your /home at your current location
    /delhome (name) - Deletes a home
    /homes - List your homes
    /home (name) - Teleport to your home
    /trade (player) - Trade with another player
    /trade accept - Accepts a trade offer
    /trade deny - Deny someones trade offer
    /trade toggle - Stop people from trading with you
    /enchant - Custom enchantment list
    /staff - Check the current staff online
    /buy - View packages from the store
    /warps - Warping GUI
    /shop - Shop GUI
    /ah - AuctionHouse
    /ah sell (price) - Auction the item in your hand
    /ah expired - Check your expired listing
    /ah selling - Check what you're selling

    Island settings
    Allow or Disallow visitor permissions to do certain things on your island, however, Island members bypass most of the options in the GUI.
    PvP (Arrow) [VIP ONLY]
    Nether PvP (Netherrack) [VIP ONLY]
    Fire (Flint and Steel) [Completely disables/enables fire]
    Fire spread (Torch)
    Visitor potion brewing (Brewing Stand)
    Visitor furnace use (Furnace)
    Visitors activate pressure plates (Light weighted pressure plate)
    Visitor beacon use (Beacon)
    Visitor anvil use (Anvil)
    Visitor block breaking (Stone)
    Visitor door use (Wooden Door)
    Visitor animal breeding (Carrot)
    Visitor fire extinguish (Ice)
    Visitor portal use (Obsidian)
    Visitor armor stand use (Armorstand)
    Visitor enchanting (Enchantment Table)
    Visitor chest use (Chest)
    Visitor gate use (Gate)
    Visitor redstone use (Redstone Comparator)
    Visitor egg throwing (Egg)
    Visitor sheep shearing (Shears)
    Visitor bed use (Bed)
    Visitor workbench use (Crafting Table)
    Visitor jukebox use (Jukebox)

    Donator perks
    All perks from these ranks can be purchased from the store Click here
    [VIP] Prefix
    Vip kit
    2 Sethomes
    2 Items in AH
    1 Playervault
    4 Row Enderchest
    Double McMMO XP
    /shout (message) - Global chat
    /time - Check the time in game
    /disguise (Pig,sheep,cow) - Disguise yourself as a mob
    /pv - Player vault (Virtual chest)


    [VIP+] Prefix
    Vipplus kit
    3 Sethomes
    3 Items in AH
    2 Playervaults
    Toggle PvP on your island on/off
    /nick - Nickname yourself in game with Colorcodes
    /disguise (Wolf,squid,ocelot,chicken) - Disguise yourself as an Mob


    [MVP] Prefix
    MVP kit
    5 Sethomes
    4 Items in AH
    3 Playervaults
    /disguise (Villager,skeleton,spider) - Disguise yourself as a mob
    /fix - Fix the item in your hand (24 hour cooldown)
    /weather (sun/storm) - Change the weather ingame


    [PRO] Prefix
    PRO kit
    8 Sethomes
    5 Items in AH

    4 Playervaults
    /disguise (Cavespider,creeper,zombie,slime) - Disguise yourself as a mob
    /feed - Replenishes hunger (1 minute cooldown)

    [ANGEL] Prefix
    Angel kit
    12 Sethomes
    6 Items in AH
    5 Playervaults
    5 Row Enderchest
    You won't lose hunger on your own Island
    /disguise (Magmacube,silverfish,blaze) - Disguise yourself as a mob
    /craft - Virtual crafting table
    /fly - Fly


    [SKYGOD] Prefix
    Skygod kit
    20 Sethomes
    7 Items in AH
    6 Playervaults
    /heal -
    /disguise (Giant,wither,irongolem) - Disguise yourself as a mob
    /echest - Opens your Enderchest from any location
    /kittycannon - Shoots exploding cat\
    /heal - Replenishes hearts (1 minute cooldown)


    [EAGLE] Prefix
    Eagle kit
    30 Sethomes
    8 Items in AH
    7 Playervaults
    6 Row Enderchest
    Up to 20 Players in your island team
    Talk in chat with color
    50 Blocks bigger island
    Display your item in your hand in chat by using "[Item]"
    /disguise (Bat,rabbit,witch) - Disguise yourself as a mob
    /god - Godmode (This means you cannot be damaged and you can't damage anyone else)

    Island warps
    To set up an Island warp, your Island must first be Island level 50. You can level up your island, by placing certain blocks and update your level by doing /is level. Here's how to set up the warp sign:
    You can replace the "Description" with anything you would like to, including use of colorcodes.
    Note you need Island level 50 and that if the [Welcome] text is green: your welcome sign works. If it's red however: make sure you're the correct Island level and you don't already have a sign somewhere else.

    Custom Enchantments
    500 Enchantment tokens cost $50,000 ingame. Alternatively you can purchase them from the store. Click the dropdown for more information on enchantments.



    Fishing Rod


    McMMo EXP


    McMMo EXP


    McMMo EXP

    Lucky Mining
    McMMo EXP


    Night vision






    Trading and Selling items
    Selling items with other players is simple and can be done in a number of different ways, ranging from trading or buying from a listing or auction.
    ChestShops can be setup In this format:
    [B or S] [Price] B stands for Buy and S stands for Sell
    [ItemID] ID can be found by doing /iteminfo with the item you want to sell in your hand

    Chestshops cost $1,500 each to create and you will be refunded $250 when you destroy the sign. Players can't open your chestshop nor can they edit anything on the sign etc. Someone can Left click the sign to Purchase something or Right click the sign to Sell something (all items get into or out of the chest automatically)

    Auction House

    Auction House is accessed by doing the command /ah Players without ranks can only list 1 Item at a time. Items are listed by doing /ah sell (price) and are only listed for 24 hours to check what you are currently selling do /ah selling or after the time expires you can find your item(s) in /ah expired.


    Trade is a more simple and is accessed by doing /trade (player) or Shift right clicking another player will enter you into this GUI When each player has put the items in the slots under their name, each player clicks the Red stained glass to accept the trade offer which will turn the glass Green, once both players have accepted it'll take around 2 seconds for the Trade to complete, however, you can cancel it by clicking "E" or editing your inventory before the trade is complete.

    Block information
    Block Limit:
    Hopper Limit: 60 per island
    Spawner Limit: 80 per island
    Furnace Limit: 300 per island
    Trapped Chest Limit: 400 per island

    Points (/is value):
    Wood logs: 1
    Stone: 1
    Glass: 2
    Grass: 5
    Redstone: 10
    Lapis: 10
    Coal: 10
    Iron: 10
    Gold: 50
    Diamond: 75
    Spawner: 80
    Emerald: 100
    Workbench: 100
    Ender Chest:150
    Enchant Table: 250
    Beacon: 300

    To work out how many points are needed to level up to the next island level do /is level.

    Artifacts can drop from mining and mob kills. Each one is worth a different amount when sold to the NPC at spawn.

    When you mine, you can receive different types of rewards. Click the dropdown for more information.
    The Token ghost will appear from mining cobblestone or any type of ores. Each one will give you 25 Tokens once they're killed.

    The Repair token ghost will appear from mining Stone or Cobblestone or any type of ores. Each repair ghost will give you a different Tier (1-5) of token depending on which ghost spawns.

    Artifacts can drop from mining. Each one is worth a different amount, you can sell them at /warp Artifact or finding the NPC at spawn.

    Mining 250 blocks

    &0 - Black
    &1 - Dark blue
    &2 - Dark green
    &3 - Cyan
    &4 - Dark red
    &5 - Purple
    &6 - Gold
    &7 - Light grey
    &8 - Dark grey
    &9 - Bright navy blue
    &b - Bright blue
    &a - Light green
    &d - Pink
    &e - Yellow
    &k - Magic
    &l - Bold
    &m - Strike
    &n - Underline
    &o - Italic
    &r - Reset

    Having issues with bugs or players?
    Please submit a support ticket under the appropriate department and our friendly staff team will be able to resolve your problem Click here!

    Have a suggestion for something that I could add to the guide? Click here!

    Thank you for taking the time to read the Skyblock guide. :)
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