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World Border/sponge protection issues

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Reptorider, Apr 28, 2018.

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  1. Reptorider

    Reptorider First Step

    Hello to whoever is reading this.

    I am having some problems with building and protecting regions near the South edge of /warp hell. I have been creating a small village next to the lava lake. I am aware that players are not able to build within the borders of /warp hell, which is why I am building next to it. The issue I am addressing is that when I placed a sponge on the outside of "Frijolero's Home" it overlapped the border and the lava disappeared. I removed the sponge knowing that I had made a mistake, but the lava did not flow back (it stayed glitched). No matter what I tried, I could not fix the glitch. I assume this is a glitch due to the fact that players are not supposed to be able to interact with /warp hell/Frijoler's Home. It is also frustrating that there is now a gaping hole right in front of the village I spent Hours Building, and I cannot fix it. I have spoken to many staff, and the mod cc_green, who advised me to write a ticket.

    Please, if possible, please replace the glitched box outside my region, and replace it with lava. The warp is /warp Tamohell
    Coords Around: X- 16128, Y- 54, Z- 2065

    Thank you!


  2. EpicAgentJ

    EpicAgentJ Void Walker

    Survival VIP+
  3. NineTurtles

    NineTurtles Stone Miner

    Survival Ultra
    cc_green and EpicAgentJ are both correct. Opening a ticket would be your best option for this problem.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.