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Karaoke Night Feedback

Discussion in 'News' started by Maarten, Jun 3, 2018.

By Maarten on Jun 3, 2018 at 12:29 AM
  1. Maarten

    Maarten Owner

    Karaoke Night Feedback

    Hello all!

    As many of you know, we recently had an event night and we had a huge turnout! We saw roughly 80+ concurrent members on our Karaoke event channel! After this momentous achievement we are proud to say that we are considering on hosting another Karaoke event. Thank you to all of those who showed up and sang, or listened; and we hope to see you at our next event!

    Here we will be conducting a little feedback thread of what you personally liked and what we could have done better. Keep in mind we are looking for constructive criticism in this thread. Any non-constructive criticism may be disregarded. Please also take a moment to vote in the poll provided on if you would want to do this event again or something similar.

    Again, thanks for the turnout! Questions to help you think on what to say:
    • How did we do with song transitions?
    • Was all the content that got played appropriate?
    • Did you not get to sing (if you requested)?
    shoutout to @Jedz & @Legitmon for hosting this event!
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Discussion in 'News' started by Maarten, Jun 3, 2018.

    1. YAMPY
      8/8 m8

      Thanks to @Jedz and @Legitmon for being great hosts and singers ;-)
    2. Jedz
      Was heaps of fun to host, thanks everyone for participating! <3
    3. Unicorn_Rachel
      The song transitions were good, but it was a little hard to tell like, the line of people :-P

      and when my brother punked on me legitmom joined me so like Narwalls all da way, thanks<3 Very good hosts!

      Yes it was, maybe one to two cussing words but it was pg.

      I did got to sing, and i snatched weaves with emma / emmmmer :)
      You need a better queue system rather than just messaging the certain staff. Other than that it was a blast and I hope you guys do more of these.
      Last edited: Jun 3, 2018
    5. behindthesins
      it was so much fun and it's definitely one of the best discord calls i've ever had , specially at the end when some people sang Frozen LOL i can't even , thank you for a good night <3 @Jedz and @Legitmon
    6. NineTurtles
      Only complaint is that sometimes the music video's were louder than the person singing, but I don't think there is a way to fix that. Other than that I had a great time. Definitely would like to see more in the future, and maybe other events as well! Great job @Jedz and @Legitmon with hosting!
    7. John Corbin
      John Corbin
      Great event, would be fun to have more
    8. EpicAgentJ
      The song transitions were awesome!
      Yes, I listened to some songs and it seemed appropriate.
      I didn't want to sing, I did type the thing where, "Type in (someone) for next spot", I did but nothing happened. Like I said before, I didn't want to sing, but it was fine.
    9. EpicAgentJ
      Also, thanks to Jedz and Legitimon for hosting this event!
    10. valkdebk
      I personally loved it and am excited for the next one! Maybe find a different bot or work on fixing it so the song doesn't just stop halfway. other than that i loved it and wish it had lasted longer! Thank you for this event! Maybe have it so a command automatically loads people or so people can vote on who is next. I just wish there was a way to record via discord but i suppose that cant be helped.
    11. JohnM1274
      I think the hosts should ask the next performer if they're ready or not before having the next song on queue play. If someone's mom were to walk in the room and you weren't muted at that moment instead of being asked if you'd prefer someone else to go before you, would you be okay with that?
    12. JohnM1274
      I thought it was a pretty cool event overall. I thought the audience could've used more of our two hosts, they were my favorite part. One problem was the static that occurred near the end. I noticed there was only static when there were more people singing together. I think that Discord couldn't handle all of the voices and sent lower quality sound as a result. My only suggestion to avoid this is to have a maximum amount of people singing, probably about 3. On my end, the bot was louder than a lot of the people who were singing, just as NineTurtles mentioned in an earlier comment. I'd recommend turning the bot's sound volume down for anyone with a similar issue if you'd rather hear the person singing. I also think that there should be an "Event Chat" added (text-to-speech). This way, our hosts and others reading for topics or feedback about the event or a performer don't pick up on a random conversation that's in the #general chat. Like the voice chat, this chat could only be made public to people with default perms during an event. Maybe people would also be interested in other events. This event was nicely done for its first time.

      Sorry, I felt like typing a paragraph to annoy anyone who decided to read through these. I'm aiming for the longest comment. Yes, this is also me issuing a challenge to those who wish to type a longer comment than me.
    13. GeorgiePieMC
      It would be difficult to pull off but maybe create a bot where you could que in your name like /que for example and then if you want to view who's in the que have a command like /quelist then the bot would display the list. I have no idea how to make discord bots but if someone could make a bot like that it would be extremely efficient.
    14. Legitmon
      3 hours pushing 4 yah yeet
    15. xXApollo22
      wasnt the best first you banned my chink then you banned me but thats ok still have fun singing barbie girl and fireworks
    16. valkdebk
      Maybe have a 3rd or 4th host to message the person on discord 1 turn before they start to verify everythings good. Also people can turn own the bots volume on its own, i found it best to just turn it off and hear just others. A more organized chat would be better too i agree.
    17. xXApollo22
      they had banned him from the discord for saying something he didnt say
    18. JohnM1274
      Maybe the idea of not having hosts speak in between songs would take away from the event itself. There wouldn't be much of a point for hosts if all they did were to start and end things off. The only other time a host would talk is if something was going wrong with a performance. I'd say it's up to the hosts, if they want to get a couple other hosts in to make it easier to respond to the community and its feedback because they think it'd improve the event, they should do that. My opinion is that there won't be as much added to the event, so I'd be against it. As for the idea of turning off the bot, I'd say it depends on the song, how the bot's volume compares with the singer's and if the singer is receiving the bot's sound at the same or different time (receiving the bot's music at a different time could largely affect when the performer sings each lyric, causing them to sound with music).
      Last edited: Jun 3, 2018
    19. The_Wurst_Tomato
      I am Vaporatings, I sang oofer gang, it was very fun the people in chat were kind minding the fact that people can sing what ever they want. Awesome hosting by Legit And Jedz. No complaints at all, I recorded it and gonna upload to youtube soon ;-)