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It's time we take time to look at this game mode...

Discussion in 'Lucky Block Brawl' started by TheNextHerobrine, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. TheNextHerobrine

    TheNextHerobrine Zombie Killer

    KitPvP Paladin
    To everyone who reads this, I think we can all agree that Lucky Block Brawl is a highly unplayed game, and that it really needs some work. I understand that the server needs to worry more about more popular gamemodes, but I think it's time to make this one a bit better. I feel like the game mode as a whole needs an update, and overall I think it is time to give that to it. I feel like the game mode has a good chance at being a very fun and popular one on the server, it just needs some time and attention.

    I currently do not have time to give my personal ideas, but I hope that everyone who reads this will give an input. I will later edit this thread with my ideas, so please try to stay tuned if at all possible.
  2. EpicAgentJ

    EpicAgentJ Void Walker

    Survival VIP+
    Agreed, Lucky Block Brawl needs a major update. The staff is working on popular game modes, yes, but i'm not to sure. I'm not staff myself, but I am just saying.
  3. Ashie

    Ashie Ghast Hunter

    Prison Boss
    I agree, I’ve played LBB since 2014 when I first joined the server and I’ve always loved it. Updating things like new kits, different maps, ability to swap teams, /kill if you’re trapped or something, I have a lot of ideas for that gamemode.
  4. Freezebranded

    Freezebranded Tree Puncher

    Skyblock Pro
    like Ashie, LBB was literally the first game I played on Snapcraft, I think around the same time. I think /kill is a good idea. I've noticed that the last time I was on, almost all wells were explosions nothing new. I think we could also use another map or so like how the Earthgames have.
  5. flav0urful

    flav0urful Iron Miner

    Agreed. Although the more populated gamemodes need attention, time can definitely be put into LBB.
  6. DaPolarBear

    DaPolarBear Admin

    We have a big list lucky block is in there somewhere :-P