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Discussion in 'Earth Games' started by XxAwesomePlayzxX, Jul 9, 2018.

  1. XxAwesomePlayzxX

    XxAwesomePlayzxX Tree Puncher

    Prison Brute
    A lot of players come in the game, tryhard, and then log out when low (*cough* BlackPanther_22 *cough*). It's very annoying and unsportsmanlike. Since KitPvP already has this, could we add a CombatLogger into EG? Thank you very much.

    Also while I'm here, I changed my username in game, is there a way to change it on here as well??
  2. Ashie

    Ashie Creeper Hugger

    You can’t change your username on the forums.
  3. the77x7

    the77x7 Mod

    I like the idea, but when someone logs out on EG doesn’t it reset their kills within the same game?
  4. Wrys

    Wrys Helper

    Combat logging on earthgames is insignificant. You don't jeopardize anything except your reputation.
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  5. XxAwesomePlayzxX

    XxAwesomePlayzxX Tree Puncher

    Prison Brute
    Ok I'm bringing this thread up again because it's becoming ridiculous. How is one supposed to enjoy the game when the entire opposing team just logs whenever you're about to kill them and say: Oh it's my bad internet!

    I understand what the77x7 means, but it only resets the game kills, it doesn't affect the total K/D record.

    Also it doesn't jeopardize reputation but rather other player's ability to enjoy the game.

  6. Crackalackin

    Crackalackin Iron Miner

    There are a lot of players on earth games that abuse the combat system and logout whenever they're about to die. Some of them have weeks of playtime and they talk trash after they log back in with full health.

    Those people don't only ruin other players' experience, but also convince others to the same thing by saying it's how the server works, therefore making the situation worse.

    "You don't jeopardize anything except your reputation". That's wrong in so many ways.
    Those players don't always get a bad reputation. Some of those players are even praised for being a "good pvper".

    Also, not jeopardizing anything except their reputation is not a good reason to let them do whatever they want.
    That's like a student telling the teacher that there's a guy in class that talks trash to everyone and the teacher saying "oh well, that guy is not breaking the rules or anything. He only hurts his own reputation xddd".

    In my opinion, log abuse on earth games should be treated like kitpvp's kick abuse where people with good gear on kitpvp toggles their autoclicker/client when they're about to die and get kicked by the anticheat to safety. With enough proof, both of them should be bannable.
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