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Why Are People Allowed To Use Nicknames To Trick People Into TPA (Factions)

Discussion in 'Factions' started by A_D_Hayden_D, Jul 14, 2018.

  1. A_D_Hayden_D

    A_D_Hayden_D First Step

    I Dont Understand why people are allowed to change their nicknames to trick people into TP them to their bases i understand it kill or be killed and there's scams but this is worse than scamming its exploitation.
  2. Ashie

    Ashie Creeper Hugger

    Just don’t accept any tp requests. If someone is teleporting to you who’s in your fac without informing you then it’s most likely not that person. You can also use /realname (nickname)
  3. Jedz

    Jedz Admin

    Factions is essentially all about raiding, scamming (aside from ah & irl scamming of course) etc. You should always double check with /realname (username) to see who the player is before accepting the tp request in case it isn't someone from your faction. If you need anything on factions I wouldn't mind giving you some resources to start again, just let me know. :)
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  4. A_D_Hayden_D

    A_D_Hayden_D First Step

    no its quite okay im in theempire were 7th or 8th on top list its just annoys me thats all but thank you for the offer
  5. NotDyl

    NotDyl Zombie Killer

    Also if the person who tp'd regularly doesn't have a rank it'll just show something like Frostehdays but if they're nicked but they have a rank it'll say ~Frostehdays but oh well make sure to always check.
  6. keeper8

    keeper8 First Step

    Can i just say this is still happening and it really does feel like cheating because in tense situations when you get a tpa from your team mate at the same time as someone who is pretending to be them you don't have time to look for the ~. I have no idea if there is a way to stop players from setting their nick as someone else's name on the server but i believe something should be done to try and stop this. This is especially bad for new players as most don't understand the difference between their teammate or a scammer. Additionally this is not something that is easily avoidable (unlike the obvious scammers/trolls we know and love in chat who say do f open for free money! or tpa to me for epic raid!) this is actually a muscle memory for some. Even the most pro minecraft players will fall under the spell of this stupid "exploit" as they will accept a tpa from a team mate without even thinking about to later find out it wasn't their friend and they lose everything just like A_D_Hayden_D said he was f top 7 or 8 and it happened to him. Honestly this shouldn't be allowed i don't believe it allowed on many if any other server.

    This happened to my teammate as someone pretended to be me and that really made me post this because using my own name to harm my faction really made me angry about this issue especially considering when i asked staff about this (i cannot remember the exact name of the person in question but it was wow something) they said its allowed and i just have to look for ~ every time does not make you feel safe( i know factions is not about being safe but i mean in the plugins and general stuff on the server) around the server don't know what other broken things could be exploited or used by scammers in the future.

    I also acknowledge this is post from July but i still think its relevant today as i see so many new players being tricked by this.

    Thanks for your time if anyone replies to this,

  7. wopp

    wopp Tree Puncher

    This has been a thing for so many years that I'm not surprised of it happening anymore.
    It's a pretty mean but fun thing to do for donors and a bit unfair especially to newer players.
    And since you can't change your nick to their EXACT name you have to change the name up a bit.
    Plus the fact that there's a ~ before the nick every-time.
    And if you do actually catch them with /realname it's funny to call them out in chat.