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Guide For ZombieV!

Discussion in 'ZombieV' started by killabot1000, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. killabot1000

    killabot1000 First Step

    A ZombieV Guide

    By Jayden!

    Zombie V Guidelines.

    Zombie V has many different features which will help you enjoy your experience while playing this game. This guide will teach you through your first steps on the server, it will provide guides and information about commands, waves and in-depth information about them, zombie types, bosses, costs of gear, artifact gear, VIP, cosmetics, crates, duels and tips and tricks to start off well.


    v /join & /leave
    If you're in the lobby, and you'd like to be auto-assigned to a game, type /join. This will put you immediately into one of the matches/waves. Once you've joined a match on Zombie V, and you'd like to return to the lobby, simply type /leave and it'll teleport you back to the lobby.

    v /easy /normal /hard /extreme
    These commands will automatically assign you to a match when you're in the spawn, /easy is for an easy match, which the waves will be less challenging, /normal for a bit harder experience then easy, /hard for people that have got decent gear and want a bit of a challenge and /extreme for the most challenging waves possible but are a big step in difficulty after hard.

    v /shop, /blacksmith, /sell, /particles, /vote
    These commands will open up a GUI or teleport you to where you can buy armour & weapons to fight enemies! The /shop command will teleport you to the shop where you can buy armor and weapons however you can not upgrade these pieces with enchanting, meanwhile with the /blacksmith you will be teleported to a forge where you can further enchant your swords and armour with the more money you have (the higher level the enchant goes the more expensive it is, when you reach the maximum level of the enchant it will say “MAX”). /sell will teleport you to the “scrapyard” or Iron Golem where you can sell your unwanted items. You will receive 15% of the items value/cost once you sell the item. /particles will open up a GUI where you can select either an idle particle, a jump particle or a moving particle. The /vote command will let you vote on the server.

    v /money or /bal
    Both the same command, these show how much money you have. You can earn money from voting, vote keys, dueling players, killing mobs, bosses and by completing zombie waves. If you kill a boss in a wave, you'll receive more money than killing a normal enemy!

    v /duel (playername) (amount) then /duel accept (playersname)

    The /duel command will let you duel other players on the server however you will need a total of $100 before you can initiate/start a duel. If you do not have this money it will tell the other player and yourself that you don’t have the required amount to start a duel. Another way if you don’t want to type the command is go forward from where you spawn at and go to the blue or red section ahead. If you stand on the red section and another stands on the blue it will start a duel however you can only duel for $100 as it is set for this amount. If you want to duel for more you will need to type the command.

    There are 4 types of different difficulties for games in Zombie V that will either be easiest to hardest. A way to see the games are through the villager at spawn where you can either join people who are in a game already or you can create your own where it shows the games that have not been started. The information for each game will also show how many people are in that game, the wave the game is on, example 1/50 and the difficulty (Easy, Normal, Hard or Extreme). The waves will work like this:

    v 1-9 Normal Mobs

    v 10 Boss Wave (Spider)

    v 11-19 Normal Mobs

    v 20 Boss Wave (Blaze)

    v 21-29 Normal Mobs

    v 30 Boss Wave (Giant)

    v 31-39 Normal Mobs

    v 40 Boss Wave (Elder Guardian)

    v 41-49 Normal Mobs

    v And finally wave 50 which is the last boss wave before the game will end and teleport you back to the spawn (Wither)

    ll difficulty’s and how much money you can gain and how many mobs spawn in each wave

    Upon completion of each wave you will be rewarded $50.



    Zombie Types
    There are many different types of monsters that consist throughout the waves in Zombie V. This miniature guide will explain what all the mobs are and their ability’s, when different mobs appear in different waves and their coin reward consisting of different difficulties.


    Basic Speed:


    Speed Baby:



    Zombie Pigman:

    Wither Skeleton:


    There are only 5 different bosses which are seen throughout a full game of Zombie V. This boss guide will talk about the different bosses and their abilities, what wave they appear on and their coin reward from each difficulty.

    Spider (Wave 10): This boss is a cave spider which will teleport using its ability to any random player throughout that wave and poison whoever it attacks.

    Coin Gain: Easy: Normal: Hard: Extreme:

    Blaze (Wave 20): This boss is a blaze which will uses an ability called “burn spiral” which basically makes TNT fall around the blaze while its flying or on the ground which will knock u into the air of far back with the explosion.

    Coin Gain: Easy: $0 - $8678 Normal: Hard: Extreme:

    Giant (Wave 30): This boss is a giant zombie which has 2 abilities it can use which are “Ground Slam” and “Spawn Minions”. Ground slam will basically allow the giant to jump up into the sky and slam to the ground causing anyone nearby to fly back because of the knockback it deals. The other ability is called spawn minions which allow the giant to spawn smaller zombies which will attack for it.

    Coin Gain: Easy: Normal: Hard: Extreme:

    Elder Guardian (Wave 40): This boss is a Elder Guardian (a huge guardian) which has 3 abilities which consist of “Water Wave”, “Spawn Minions” and “Drain Hunger”. Water wave I believe is where the guardian will launch you back with a blue laser beam. Spawn minions is self-explanatory but instead of spawning zombies like the Giant does it spawns guardians to fight for it. Lastly drain hunger is also very simple as the elder guardian will take your hunger away.

    Coin Gain: Easy: Normal: Hard: Extreme:

    Wither (Wave 40): This boss is a wither with one ability called “Spawn Minions” and a passive which allows the wither to drop TNT. The spawn minion will allow the wither to spawn wither skeleton which will give you a wither effect and will fight for the wither. The easiest way to damage the wither is with a bow due to the wither mostly flying when attacking. This is the last boss and will send you to the /spawn once you defeat this boss.

    Coin Gain: Easy: Normal: Hard: Extreme:

    Costs of Gear
    The costs of gear vary upon each rarity which are common, rare, epic and legendary. Obviously the common rarity would be cheaper then the legendary rarity. A place where you can buy gear is straight ahead from spawn at the two villagers, the armor villager and the weapons villager or you can type /shop.




    Artifact Gear
    This guide will talk about the costs of all the artifact gear, what it does, how much it costs and how much to progressively upgrade it and what level the gear goes up to. So artifact armor is the best gear on the server if you upgrade it however be warned the more you upgrade the gear the more expensive it gets to upgrade. For example, sharpness 1 may cost $125 but sharp x with cost like $64,000. Every time you upgrade a piece of gear it will double in price if it wants to upgrade again. Sharp 1 = $125 to Sharp 2 = $250. I will put some pictures of the gear and the costs.

    Berserker Sword = $7000, Heat Sword = $5000, Quake Sword = $2500
    zombiev sword.JPG

    Upgrading Berserk: Will allow your ability to have a shorter cooldown. The ability is activated through right clicking your sword

    Upgrading Heat Wave: Will allow your ability to have a shorter cooldown. The ability is activated through right clicking your sword

    Upgrading Quake: Will allow your ability to have a shorter cooldown. The ability is activated through right clicking your sword

    Bow of the Gods = $5000

    Upgrading Headshot: When you upgrade headshot it will increase the damage when you hit mobs in the head. For example headshot I might be 10% extra damage when headshot X may be 100% more damage.

    Forged Diamond Helmet = $

    Upgrading Anti-Venom: Will give you a higher chance to prevent yourself getting poisoned. Anti-venom I = 10% chance to dodge venom and X = 100% chance for no poison.

    Lucky Diamond Chestplate = $

    Upgrading Lucky: The lucky enchant gives you a chance to collect double coins from kills upon enemies. For example instead of a enemy dropping 10 coins it might drop 20. The upgrading works like this, Lucky I gives you a 10% chance of double coins and Lucky X gives you a 100% chance of double coins.

    Deflective Diamond Leggings = $

    Upgrading Deflect: This enchant gives you a chance to dodge projectiles, for example arrows. Upgrading it will give it a 10% increase in dodging arrows. Deflect V will give u a 50% chance to dodge arrows and Deflect X will make you take 0 projectile damage.

    Diamond Boots of Healing = $

    Upgrading Healing: The healing enchant will make your health regenerate faster. At level I healing you will heal 10% faster but at level X you will heal 100% faster.

    I hope this guide helps you in understanding the cost in the long run of this progressively overpowered items. I also hope this guide teaches you what all the enchants do and how to activate the swords. My tip is to not get the quake sword or the heatwave sword till you get a max berserk sword however if you want to get a quake sword to annoy your friends when they have a huge pile of mobs be my guest xD. The only use for a quake sword at low levels in my opinion is to annoy your friends with.

    Ok so VIP basically gives you 0 in game advantages except one of them which is quite good. This command you receive with VIP is called /invsee. This command will allow you to view other peoples inventories. This command is exceptionally good for dueling people for high amounts of money as you will be able to compare your enchants with theirs and see who has a better sword. However, /invsee can not see peoples armor they have equipped. This may be a major downfall if they have a bad sword and full prot X as you wont be able to do much damage to them. The other perks of VIP will allow you to put custom skins on your weapons. When you have purchased VIP, on the right of you at spawn is a “Undead Delivery”. You can claim your VIP skins here. Another command you get to use is /fly in the spawn on Zombie V. Also you have a command that is /nick where you can name yourself anything that you want, don’t name yourself anything inappropriately. Another perk is that you can talk in colours. Lastly the last command which is decent will allow you to join full games.

    However VIP is NOT FREE. You need to purchase it on the store for $15 USD if its not on sale. (put link when i have required stuff on forums to link ;c)

    There are currently two different types of cosmetics on Zombie V that are accessible by VIP’s and non donors. . These two different types of cosmetics include particle effects and customs skins for weapons. The only way to obtain the particle effects is through opening crates, vote, zombie and mythic. There a 3 different types of particles, idle, jump and moving. There customs skins are only obtainable through opening mythic crates which are purchasable on the store or through getting VIP.

    There are 3 types of crates at spawn however there are 4 lots of them. They are n the right and left side of spawn. The crates consist of vote, zombie and mythic. The way to obtain vote keys is through voting on the server. The way to obtain zombie keys are through opening vote keys and earning zombie keys or killing zombies where you have a chance to get a zombie key. The only way to obtain mythic keys are through donating o the store

    Duels are a extremely great way to earn fast money but are very risky if you don’t know what your opponent has. A good way to win every duel is with VIP rank where you are given the /invsee command to see what your competitor has on them.

    There is only 1 duel map on the server where there is a lava pit in the middle. A great way to win a duel is through abusing knockback and hitting your opponent in the lava and bowing them to death. Also bring strength and speed pots to a high stakes duel and maybe a god apple if necessary. Don’t bring a god apple to duels that are less then $2.5k as a god apple costs that much and you want to earn profits. For duels that are 20k and above bring god apples maybe but you will lose $2.5k profit.

    Tips and Tricks
    I will give you a step by step guide to start off well:

    v When you join the server vote immediately on all of the websites and claim the 2 day cooldown zombie key from the zombie delivery man

    v Once you have opened your keys see how much money you have, if you have $7k buy the berserker sword at the blacksmith as it is extremely good for staying alive.

    v If you have bad armor and a good sword grind normal or hard mode till you get full artifact armor

    v Once you have acquired the armor and maybe some enchants on the sword grind hard mode till you get sharp III-V on the sword

    v Once you have obtained these enchants grind on extreme mode.

    v Once you have gotten maybe sharp 5+, smite 5+, bane 5+. Try going for higher rounds where you will get tons of money.

    v A great tip but will get you a bad reputation in the community sometimes is boss stealing. It works if you wait for wave 8-9 and wait for the boss on wave 10 you kill it and leave. And repeat.

    v Make sure you have zombie teleporters and potions for faster rounds which are located at the weapon merchant at spawn.

    v Once you have got Sharp X+, either boss steal or go for round 40. Do not go for round 50 if you have no bow as you will do barely any damage to the final boss, Wither.

    Thanks for Reading My Nifty Guide for Beginners or Curious Experts for ZombieV!!!!

    Change Log:

    Give me Suggestions also and other things like costs since there not added yet if you can. If not i will be updating this guide when i get back online sometime this week. Enjoy!

    - Killabot1000 / Jayden
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    I've see you spent your time on this, well done! And yes, this is going to help a lot of people.
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    Love the detail and depth you have put into this, Great guide!
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    Wow! I feel like you put a lot of time into this. Wonderful job! :) I'm sure this will help quite a bit of players, as ZombieV seems like one of the confusing gamemodes in my opinion.