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Factions & KitPvP Reset

Discussion in 'News' started by Maarten, Aug 22, 2018.

By Maarten on Aug 22, 2018 at 1:57 AM
  1. Maarten

    Maarten Owner

    Factions & KitPvP Reset

    Hello everyone,

    The time has come for us to reset both our Factions and KitPvP servers. We have worked extremely hard over the last while to work on awesome new improvements to both game modes and we hope the each respective community enjoys every new feature. The reset will happen on Saturday, August 25th, 2018. Below, we have included a list of most of the new features/changes that players can expect to see once the reset occurs.


    This season’s Factions will see a ton of new features as well as some changes to previous seasons. We have added a new custom enchantment system, much like our current Prison and Skyblock servers have, where players are able to obtain enchantment tokens through things such as in-game currency, as well as experience points. We have also re-added Withers to the game! Players will be able to receive Wither heads through our new Nether boss, Surtur, as well as Surtur Keys that can be used at /warp crates. Wither heads can also be purchased from the in-game shop for $199.5K each.

    We have added a new fun and exciting mini game called King of The Hill (KoTH) where factions will compete to dominate the outposts around surrounding the spawn area. The winning faction will gain rewards for defending the middle of the region.

    In addition to all of the above, the following changes will also be included.
    • Lowered map size from 24000x24000 to 17000x17000
    • Fixed Nether border and is now correctly set to 10000x10000
    • Added back the End
    • Fixed the rate at which crops(sugarcane, cactus, melon, wheat etc.) grows
    • Capped all mcMMO bonuses at 2000
    • Fixed an issue that allowed players to glitch through walls
    • Fixed some of the TnT mechanics
    • Added a 1v1 dueling system where players will be able to duel in their own gear. Gear will be lost on death!
    • Added custom faction permissions (/f perm) for leaders to better manage faction ranks
    • Added Reaper boss at /warp reaper. Players will receive a Reaper Key that can be used at /warp crates
    • Fixed an issue regarding despawning NPCs
    • Added a correctly working /f top
    • Added new custom Nether terrain generation
    • Rebalanced the economy
    • Rebalanced crates
    • Added a sell all option for the in-game shops
    • Removed the ability to mine spawners for Immortal ranks
    • Added the ability for Immortal ranked players to use coloured chat
    • Added spawner pickaxes to the store and crates
    • Fixed /shop bringing up the server menu instead of the shop
    • Added a /kit member for players with the Member rank (the Member rank can be obtained through typing /link while in-game)
    • Added a shortcut for /enderchest. Players can now use /ec as well
    • Added 1.12 blocks to the game
    • God apples are no longer able to be crafted

    We’ll also be rewarding the top 5 factions at the end of the upcoming season prizes are as followed(Rewards will be given to the faction his/her leader).
    1. Will receive $500 in webstore credit
    2. Will receive $350 in webstore credit
    3. Will receive $200 in webstore credit
    4. Will receive $150 in webstore credit
    5. Will receive $100 in webstore credit


    The KitPvP server will be wiped completely as well as see a number of changes as well. Including a new 1v1 dueling system where players will use separate kits to challenge other players to a fight to the death inside brand new mini arenas. The challenger will be able to decide which kit will be used from a selection of new kits. You will also be able to break/place your own blocks to help you win the fight. After the duel is complete, the winning player will gain player rating points while the loser will lose player rating points and both people will be placed on a five minute cooldown before they’re able to duel again.

    A few notable changes to KitPvP are:
    • Rewrote how combat is handled server side for better hit detection
    • Rewrote how knockback is handled resulting in smoother knockback and combo’s
    • Tweaked the anticheat to help control hackers
    • Added a new combat tag system to prevent glitches/abusing
    • Fishing rods have been re-enabled
    • Removed the bounty system

    Any purchases made from August 13th, 2018 until August 25th, 2018 can be regained after the reset by sending an email with your current in-game name to [email protected]. We look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday for the reset of Factions and KitPvP.

    Lastly, I would like to thank everyone for their amazing suggestions and bug reports!
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Discussion in 'News' started by Maarten, Aug 22, 2018.

    1. Legitmon
    2. Backus
    3. adham
    4. EpicAgentJ
      gg for everyone on their progress in factions and kitpvp. Also I can’t wait for these resets!
    5. RyRy__
      I love these ideas :-O

      Can't wait for this :-P
      Useful implements Maarten
    6. Enderj55
      I’m really excited for the factions reset!!
    7. CharismaticMan

      Thank for fixing the glitch through walls, that was a killer, defeated the purpose of trying build and protect!

      Will there be any prizes for the factions currently in play?
    8. Maarten
      There will not be any prizes for the current map
    9. the77x7
      Same Ry :-D
    10. Jedz
      woooo exciting
    11. BlastHisAss
    12. Wrys
      1. A DUELING SYSTEM!!!1!1!1
      Been a freaking long time since I last saw a dueling system on snapcraft.
    13. Ashie
      Aye I’m excited, will there be a purge on factions before reset?
    14. CharismaticMan
      Well you all know I don't complain a lot, I thank all the stuff that the owner did is awesome, but I disagree about immortals not being able to mine spawners. I think at the least we should get a spawner pickaxe on a cycle like we get armor, sponge, obsidian...ect

      Everyone knows I (CharismaticMan) can't fight so the armor means nothing to me. I did buy Immortal for only the ability to mine spawners, and was told What an immortal could do and that I would not lose rank when a reset happens. Anyway when someone sells you a Rank it is more then a name, it's the ability that the rank controls and was told that it would carry over after reset. Because of this information I decided to invested in 2 immortals for my son and I. Plus a flying rank for my Daughter.

      - CharismaticMan
      Last edited: Aug 22, 2018
    15. Joltz
      Looking forward to it.
    16. Xinji
      is it resetted to 1.13 new version? How about the items in the inventory?
    17. Maarten
      Due to this reset being long overdue we have decided not to do one and just get the new map out ASAP
    18. Maarten
      I am sorry you feel this way but as stated above the perk was never officially stated anywhere. We have removed this ability due to the fact that last reset about 80% of all spawners got mined in the first month leaving nothing for others which is highly unfair. We may look into a different compensation in the future but currently, we have not found one that we find balanced enough.
    19. Maarten
      1.13 blocks will not be added with this update and all items will be lost, the only thing kept is your rank.