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For the Server

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Wrys, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. Wrys

    Wrys Helper

    The reason why I joined Snapcraft in the first place was to play that one game, Lucky Blocks, it was the newest mod that all the youtubers made videos on. I started to branch into the PvP community, because I was introduced to Minecraft PvP from fighting other players. Back then it was so fun, everything was new, there was much to explore. It's nothing like it used to be.

    Dear Community,
    I've been playing on Snapcraft since two days before the Earthgames maps changed. I don't remember the exact date, or year even, but that gives me credibility to express concern in certain issues as an OG player.
    At the pace the Developers and the Owner are going at, it doesn't seem like Snapcraft would survive much longer. The new Snapcraft players were introduced to Prison and Realms as new gamemodes, but I barely see over 20 people playing Realms at any given time. Skyblocks is dying, Earthgames is in the dust, Lucky Blocks who ever knew it was there? I understand there is a big list for the 'biggest' updates and the 'newest' games, but when are you ever going to be moving on to updating these older games? Don't they deserve recognition for their history on the server?

    A fresh start to each and every gamemode would be nice, including resets. However instead of just resetting gamemodes every year, there should be a goal that players want to reach.
    Like rewards for the top 5 islands in /is top for skyblocks (factions + prisons too!)
    You could also add in envoy chests in pvp, like other servers have, allow the new players to get a good start.
    Add in BETTER rewards for crate keys! (Make an OP factions and OP skyblocks by increasing the reward output!)

    -New maps, please, asap.
    ^ That's really all the community wants, we need something fresh

    Lucky Block Brawl:
    Not sure what could be changed, because I haven't heard much from the community. Here's my guess.
    -New maps
    -New lucky block rewards

    The only things that does not need fixing is Kit PvP, although the hit detection can fail two minutes into a duel it's better than all the other gamemodes in terms of being new.

    I believe it is important to update all these old gamemodes or at least make a better version of it if it's impossible to work around. If these don't get updated members will start leaving the community faster. We've already lost a lot of players due to the inactivity of others not willing to play.

    Please consider this suggestion, I took a while writing it.

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  2. Majestical

    Majestical Helper

    Skyblock Angel
    I agree with this a lot, so many other players do too. Eg, ZombieV, and Lbb are the three gamemodes that kind of been let down. It would be nice if you guys could start working on them one at a time, no more new gamemodes for awhile, take our suggestions in forums and put them to it, there are a lot of really good ones.
  3. Wrys

    Wrys Helper

    Thanks for the encouraging comment. Hopefully we can spur up more of the community to talk about what they want changed.
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