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(Building with a Potato Post 1) : Introduction (A series on how to improve your building skills)

Discussion in 'General' started by Sash_Potato1337, Nov 4, 2018.

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  1. Sash_Potato1337

    Sash_Potato1337 Tree Puncher

    Building with a potato.jpg
    So, I just got promoted as a builder yay! no one cares. When I became a builder people keep questioning me as to how to improve their builds which is annoying every time when i'm busy building but as a builder i'll have to reply to them and give them advice etc. Instead of replying to them i'll just make a post info/knowledge/advice series to teach players how to improve in building.
    This series will teach you and guide you the basics of building and how to improve your builds. I'll teach you the different aspects on building which includes : Terrain/Structure/Environment/Detailing and so much more.
    You guys can also comment down what aspect of building which you struggle the most and i'll immediately help you.
    I hope you guys support my by liking this post and following me on twitter.

    Follow me on Twitter if you want to check out my recent and other builds:
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