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I Think This Could Really Help!

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Elly01, Nov 5, 2018.

  1. Elly01

    Elly01 First Step

    I'm new to this server and honestly really love it but there are some things that just make me mad.
    1. Little staff to the player base, yes I know this is a harder suggestion to fix but its something that could really help. When I get online there are never any staff on and when there is they get on and leave (sky block anyways) so many things just get blown off. I say people pretty much having sexting through general chat but no staff was on to help. I think there are a lot of helpers so you can't add any more staff but helpers aren't the best and can't do much like this staff needs, anyone can do the helpers job. I've been helper 3 times on different servers and most of it was asking people to come and ban someone.
    2. This is an easier one to fix, the shop. The categories are messed up, like things that shouldn't be in categories are in those and its just mixed up. You really should make blocks, farming, decorations, ores, tools, etc. The current layout just is really messed up and makes no sense. Again this is on sky block I don't know about the other game modes.
    3. Discord, this discord is lacking so much. It has barely any chat chats and an extreme about of voice chats. I think there should be a voice chat for each game mode, maybe a chat for some of them, and less just random voice chats. It just looks very disorganized.
    4. Forums, there really needs to be more categories and really need one for staff applications right now they are just in recruitment and mixed in there with them, again very reorganized. There should be one just for staff applications and the recruitment should just go to each category of what there recruiting (like recruiting for factions should only be shown in the factions category not all of them).

    All for now, thanks for reading this.
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