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AFK System Suggestion.

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by psychowaffles, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. psychowaffles

    psychowaffles Helper

    Hello Snapcrafters! While going over the rules, I became aware of the following:

    Regarding AFK Farming
    If we can prove your focus is not in-game while you are performing game-related action (literally anything except being completely afk), we will consider you bannable. Our methods will include messaging, teleportation, or any other thing to try and get your attention.

    Solution: AFK Detect (Or similar)

    I'm not sure the exact plugin I'm familiar with is available, if so, I'm not sure if it's been updated to date.
    I am sure there are similar alternatives

    I know initially, this does not seem all that large of an issue. Remain open minded. This is especially useful, as players who make an AFK-Pool and stay near an auto grinder/farm can ruin your servers economy! This can be a simple,but advanced way to stop players from AFKing for more than the allotted amount of time.
    Afk Detect was really beneficial to me in the past. It also had the ability to stop; afk Pools, anti-afk mods / hacks, piston anti-afk, auto jumpers, command triggers, and so on.
    The config was super simple, it was possible to code this so that those afk get teleported to a separate location (Hub, AFKhub) , This helps for those with auto-reconnect hacks when kicked. I can see this being useful on several of snapcrafts servers, especially uniquely coded to fit! Thank you for taking the time to read this, if you agree or disagree, please let me know below!
  2. Ashie

    Ashie Helper

    I mean standing AFK near spawners IS allowed but not afk mining, fishing etc.
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  3. psychowaffles

    psychowaffles Helper

    I had thought of that, just an over all suggestion that I'm not sure is really all that applicable. Mostly aiming at auto-clicker users and botting - in order to combat major economy imbalance/ impact
  4. pFET

    pFET Iron Miner

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    What ashy said.