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Warning system | Warning points

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by psychowaffles, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. psychowaffles

    psychowaffles Helper

    Hello Snapcrafters |
    I thought I would drop a warning system suggestion which I feel would work well for the server once implemented. Also will make situations less confusing; as allowing players to be warned by a point system may make them less apt to break the rules again, should they not want to be banned.

    Based on the severity of the incident, accounts may be punished or suspended using the following protocol:

    (Keep in mind this is a rough draft I made)

    Warning: A warning is issued for small offenses and there are two types.
    Formal Warning: Will add points to a member’s account.
    Informal Warning: Does not add points and serves only to provide notice about a specific rule or guideline. This will be done through a forum PM.
    Ban: Bans are much more serious and there are two types as well.
    Temporary Ban: A short term ban is used when members accumulate too many warning points and typically last 30 days.
    Permanent Ban: This is self-explanatory. This is used primarily for spambots, but may also be used for members who continuously disregard the rules and act against the Snapcraft community.

    Warning points are removed from an account 30 days after they are received. Warning points trigger automatic bans as follows:

    2 points 1 day
    4 points 7 days
    6 points 2 weeks
    8 points 1 month
    10 points 3 months
    12 points 6 months
    14 points 1 year
    16 points PERMANENT

    Of course, Snapcraft reserves the right to adjust this on a case by case basis. If a serious infraction is committed, more time may be added to the warning or ban as deemed appropriate by staff.

    I believe that this could possibly be beneficial.

    Happy Holidays!<("):present::santa:
  2. Ashie

    Ashie Creeper Hugger

    Warn > kick > mute is the system and personally I think it works great as it is. All the punishments are documented by staff so they see if there’s been previous punishments. Also they could easily be bugged and abused with bypassing filters, accidental words from players who doesn’t know English perfectly etc and get punished for it. Or waiting 30 days or whatever and redo whatever they did and get 1d ban/mute just cause they can abuse it that way and not get a perm.

    Just a few notes, my vote would be on keeping the system they have already.
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  3. psychowaffles

    psychowaffles Helper

    Of course the Warn > kick > mute works efficiently! As does everything Snapcraft has set up. (That doesn't mean there's no room for change) I totally understand where you are coming from though. The warns are initiated by staff by a /warn command; there for it is still in the staff hands, if some one were to bypass the system, that would be an exploit and there for punishable as staff deems fit.
    I don't see any means of exploitation. That's where the point system comes in. Who is going to wait 30 days to break a rule, that just sounds out right foolish to me. Even if they did, once every 30 days, doesn't seem to be all that much of a nuisance - especially if they are a regular player on Snapcraft.
    We all make mistakes at points, and a majority of players are children.
    You are right, I do not see this being implemented, I just thought I would suggest. As I spent a lot of time thinking of how to make this system efficient and fair.
    Thanks for your response & happy holidays<("):santa::present: Sincerely,
  4. ToKsuicR

    ToKsuicR Creeper Hugger

    that's too complicated and too much to keep track of. but let me tell you what our warning 'points' are like:
    warn (1. wp)
    kick (2. wp)
    mute (3. wp)
    the mute gets longer the more often you ignore the 3rd wp.

    usually we don't warn for bans. they're just too obvious.
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  5. psychowaffles

    psychowaffles Helper

    Yeah, it is kind of complicated. Thanks for the response:present::santa: Happy Holidays