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Increase Minion Limit

Discussion in 'Realms' started by CalebWhiting, Dec 19, 2018.

  1. CalebWhiting

    CalebWhiting First Step

    I suggest increasing the minion limit, or having a separate limit specifically for combat minions.

    Currently the low minion limit forces us to make water canals to move large groups of mobs to a single minion, I would be fine with this if there weren't such negative side effects, these could be solved by either increasing the limit or combining multiple mobs into mob stacks, however I assume the latter hasn't been done for a specific reason, as other games on the server do this already.

    Problem 1:
    Because mobs are killed at a much slower rate than they are spawned, the amount of mobs keeps growing, causing lag.

    Problem 2:
    The large amount of mobs causes the automatic entity clear command to activate (I think this is what activates it?), which can activate multiple times per minute, causing a significant loss of production, as seen in the short clip below.