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F top Value (some details please)

Discussion in 'Factions' started by ericherbs, Dec 21, 2018.

  1. ericherbs

    ericherbs First Step

    Hey y'all i've been wondering how the value of a faction is calculated, i note the listed items when a faction is hovered over in the f top ranks yet using smaller factions to test some math the faction value does not seem to be just the block/item's buy price in the shop, doesn't loo like it's sell price either which would be weird anyway because you can't sell spawners.

    in a perfect world i'd like a list of each material used in the algorithm and the value of each item/block including spawners of course.


  2. SarahDespacito

    SarahDespacito First Step

    I do know that iron golem spawners are worth 2 million on f top value.
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