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New minigame

Discussion in 'General' started by diamondpearl135, Dec 29, 2018.

  1. diamondpearl135

    diamondpearl135 First Step

    Hello snap craft,
    As we all know, fortnite is slowly taking the world very quickly and players are slowly quitting playing minecraft. This had me thinking of a new minigame that you could add.

    It would be a minigame where you could jump out or something or have it your own way and players would land in a massive world filled with traps and swords. It would have little twists in it like a big storm would surround the map And slowly come in. 5 players would be picked from the game randomly into a big all versus all match and the winner would receive a good item to help them win. They would then drop somewhere into the map. But of course, this server is creative and would come up with creative ideas to add along to the minigame.
    There is a chance that fortnite players that quit fortnite could check out this minigame that is a bit like the other game they love(fortnite) and maybe like this minigame or not.
    But of course this is all up to the snapcraft team and how they would make the game.
    Thank you for your time,
    Glowing regards,
  2. Ashie

    Ashie Helper

    It’s a no from me. Fortnite is just cringe
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  3. XDBlaze325

    XDBlaze325 Gold Miner

    Survival Ultra
    Staff need to focus on resetting older servers like survival before adding a new gamemode.
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  4. Airfriz

    Airfriz First Step